Freedom Group under Attack…Leader on the Run for Safety

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The lives of gays, lesbians and transsexuals in the country have been threatened by some irate youth at the various communities in the regions across the country.

Victims who were not lucky and caught in the act had their fare share of beatings; whiles some have lost their lives through torture and other form of punishment.

Already, Ghanaian government has declared a war on gays, lesbians and transsexual in Ghana. The hidden but very small LGBT community in Ghana is now under threat from Ghanaian officials whose duty and responsibility is it to protect and preserve the rights of every citizen.

Another victim, Mr. Tijani Amidu escaped from getting lynched from the youth over the weekend at Domeabra, a suburb of Nkawkaw in the Eastern Region.

The victim who is the leader of freedom group during his usual meeting with his members were attacked by members of Jihad group, an anti gay group operating within Nkawkaw township, resulting in a death of three people.

Mr. Tijani Amidu who is a wielding technician by profession has a lot of clients that he deals with including gays and lesbians.  His association with these lesbians and gays was the beginning of his problems with the people of his community including the Imam of the community.

When the Imam first heard of his involvement with gays and lesbians, He [Tijani Amidu] was summoned into the mosque and question on why he was dealing with them. He explained that they were just his clients and nothing else.

His explanation never convinced the Imam and his cabinet as a result he was warned to refrain from dealing with or bringing the homosexuals into the community and was even walked out of the mosque.

The Imam further went ahead to announced to his congregation as well as the entire community that Adam Alhassan has been bringing gays into the Islamic community, an act which is not only  regarded as devilish but also against the laws of Islam and that of Ghana as a country.

What made the issue more serious was the Imam’s pledge to ensure that the Police and other State security apparatuses heard of the case to ensure his arrest and imprisonment. The Imam’s announcement further led to the excommunication of Tijani Amidu from the entire community.

This excommunication was further extended to his close associates as their being monitored to know where about Mr. Tijani Amidu.

Last weekend event was second attack on Tijani Amidu after he received severe beating on the street of Nkawkaw by jihadist group few weeks ago.

According to an eye witness at the scene, name withheld, said to have heard one of the group members demanding where about the victim from people in the community.

He said for the interventions of some police officers who were passing by, the victim could have been killed by the mob.

The rage on the homosexual community is not just from officialdom. Both Christian and Muslim communities in Ghana have both issue statement condemning homosexuals and calling on the state to crack down on them.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tijani Amidu, “wielder” as he is popularly called is on the look out to stop him from luring more people especially from practicing the act.

But information reaching from impeccable source indicates that Mr. Tijani Amidu is currently out of the country seeking asylum.


Source: Investigative Desk

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