Passage of Anti Gay Laws Spurred Groups Into Action

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The passage into law of the anti LGBTQI Bill by Ghana’s Parliament has spurred some anti gay youth groups into action in some communities.

The Zango Jihadists, one of such groups operating within Nima and other communities went on rampage recently at Nima, Mamobi ,Accra Newtown, Madina and other Muslim dominated suburbs of Accra.

According to the Group, the purpose of their latest operation was to cracked down on homosexuals and their supporters in the aforementioned communities and their surroundings.

Speaking for the Group, Alhaji Salia bemoaned that homosexuality is eating deep within the Zongos and that the people especially youth groups have to rise up to Crack down on perpetrators and supporters as well as its sympathizers.

At Nima, in Ayawaso East, the Group visited several houses, ghettos , spots and hotels suspected to be used by LGBTQI persons.

The group marched to the house of one, Jalil Rufai, popularly known as Figo.

Jalil, according to the group is a homosexual who was chased out of the community in 2021.

The Group’s spokesperson ,Alhaji Salia said they had a tip-off that he is back in the community, hence storming the compound.

He said though they didn’t find Jalil, but they are sending a strong signal to him that he’s no longer welcomed in the community and beyond. He added that evil people like Jalil deserved no sympathy but punishment.

He has no space in the country to operate” Alhaji Salia indicated.

“Jalil, wherever you are , we are telling you that we shall fish you out of your hideouts”.

We shall surely crash you and your cohorts” the spokesperson threatens.
The group also stormed Mamobi in the Ayawaso North Municipality in searched of Abdullah Alhassan, another gay person who was ousted around March 2022.

Abdullah was declared wanted since 2022. We have been getting information that he has been coming home to sleep. Our source told us that he comes home late in the night and leaves early at dawn.

We shall widen our search for him. Abdullah’s days are numbered and that we shall surely find him to face the full rigors of the laws.

He cannot be allowed to practice his evil gay orientation in a Muslim community.

Alhaji Salia pointed out that if Abdullah is left to go scot free, he would infest or corrupt our younger ones with his satanic and filthy practices.

He said that they shall make Ghana a hell for him and others. He threatened to use Abdullah to serve as deterrent to others.

The next community visited by the group was Accra Newtown to looked for Larabu Mohammed Abubakar.

Larabu is not at home as at the time the group reached his house. Larabu’s landlord, told the group that he hasn’t seen Larabu for over two years now.

According to the landlord, the last time he saw Larabu with his own eyes was in 2021. He debunked rumors that Larabu is back to the house.

The landlord said “ it’s never true that Larabu has returned to my compound. I am even in the process renting that room to a new tenant” the landlord pointed out.

The Group asked the landlord to get them informed anytime he sees or hear about Larabu’s whereabouts.

They threatened to punished the landlord if they found out that he lied to them about not knowing of Larabu’s whereabouts.

The group ended their operation at the residence of Adnan Abdul Rahman who is alleged to had supported his wife, Fati Mohammed to engaged in lesbianism.

The group pointed out that Adnan knew his wife was involved in lesbianism but shielded it from the community.

Alhaji Salia further explained that on the day Adnan and his wife were attacked, Adnan managed to let his wife escaped.

He said I am aware the wife is presently in the Volta Region but I don’t know which part of the Region.

We shall liaise with our Volta Regional affiliates to combed the whole Region and fetched her for us.

We know if we get the wife, Adnan will surely come out from his hideouts.
Ghana is a religious country and LGBTQI practice must not be given the chance to thrive. Gay and lesbian practice is “haram”.

Anyone we found or suspect to be one or supports that evil practice will incur our wrath. We shall survey, identify, attack, punish and shame perpetrators and their supporters.

Alhaji Salia further applauded the Parliament of Ghana for passing the Anti Gay Bill into a law.

Our Parliamentarians have shown the way and we must commend them for the bi-partisan attitude they exhibited to debate and endorsed the Bill, he emphasised.

We shall comb the nooks and crannies of Ghana to chased out all gay and lesbians. It is evil for one to be a gay or lesbian. We must not allowed such an evil practice to gain roots in our communities.

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