Homosexuality In The Palace : Chief Hedil Flees….Unlucky Partner Gunned Down

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The Runnaway Chief, Hedil Mohamed

The Wangara Youth Chief of Nima -441 , a suburb of Accra,  Chief Hedil Mohamed was on Saturday 10th May 2014 caught red handedly having same sex intercourse at his palace

The shameful incident that drew large crowd to the palace exposed the Chief’s secret involvement with gays , an act which he is been suspected of for some time now.

A follow up by this reporter to the palace to ascertain the truth of the matter confirmed the incident and added that the Chief who couldn’t stand the shame and the inhumane treatment to be metered to him flee the area into hiding.

Speaking to this reporter, a sister to the fugitive Chief, Madam Suraya Mohammed confirmed the incident and further added that his partner in-crime that he was caught in the shameful act with was shot and killed on the spot after he tried to escape.

The deceased partner whose name was given as Kofi Issaka according to the sister was also an area guy whom we never suspected to be a gay until this shameful incident

She however stated that her brother later called to confirm to the family that he has been a gay for some time now hence his refusal to pick a wife for marriage. He also apologized to the family for the shame he has brought to the family, the throne and the community at large.

Madam Suraya Mohammed explained that her brother, Hedil inherited the throne upon the death of their late father, Chief Ayasi Mohammed, in 2013 and has since ruled his subjects with generosity, kindness and open door administration.

We never suspected him to be a gay or involved him with gays because he doesn’t looks like one of them as our family doesn’t support homosexuality practices because it is against Islam, our religion and Ghana, our country.

On why he fled instead, She said it was better he took to his heels because he would have been mishandled by the area vigilante group that came to the palace angrily upon hearing the news. Had he not fled the scene, I know by now he would be a dead person, or sustained serious degree of injuries because of the inhumane treatment and punishment he would have received from the angry mob.

After his escape through the back door of the palace, he was given a hot chase by the angry mob but luck was on his side as he was rescued by a dispatch motor-bike rider who picked him up. The vigilante group had issued a strong warning that he would be dealt with severely anytime he is caught or returned home.

The group had visited the palace on different occasions to threat the family on his whereabouts and how he will be dealt with for the shame he brought to the community.

Even though she condemned her brother’s act but she expressed the delight that he was able to escape. We cannot sever ties with him because he was caught having same sex intercourse or he was involved with homosexuals.

On his part, Mr. Suley Fuseini, the self-styled Founder and leader of the Safety Empire Vigilante Group also confirmed the incident and added that they are still on the search for Chief Hedil’s hideout.

He assured that his group will surely fish him out from his hideout to face the wrath of the vigilante group for the shame he has brought on their religion and community.

‘’Homosexuality  is illegal in Ghana and by Islam and that his group will make  sure that anyone found to be a gay, lesbian or a supporter to such bad practices within the area  will be flushed out and punished severely’’ he disclosed emphatically.


By: Mohammed Saani Ibrahim

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