Gays Attacked By Irate Youth At Bukom …One Person Killed

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Information reaching Ghanaian Democrat has it that two gay partners were attacked by the youth resulting in the lynching of one person believed to be a gay practitioner.

The deceased, Kamel Mohammed believed to be the partner was subjected to severe beatings with sticks and machetes and died instantly.

Eye witness (name withheld) given the account of what happened explained that he saw the two alleged gay partners walking on the street of Bukom, a suburb in the central business district and immediately got surrounded by some youth group who were armed with sticks and machetes.

The eye witness narrated that argument ensued between the group and the alleged gay partners and the two were subjected to beatings.

Other gay partner, Muyasar Mahammadu managed to escape with the help of one Ibrahim Mohammed.

Ghanaian Democrat upon investigations at the place of residence of the escapee to ascertain the true fact of the alleged gay practices indicates that the said Mr. Muyasar Mahammadu has left the house for the past three days and as since not returned.

Already, Ghanaian government has declared war on gays, lesbians and transsexuals in Ghana. The hidden but very small Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community in Ghana is now under threat from Ghanaian officials whose duty and responsibility is it to protect and preserve the rights of every citizen.

The rage on the homosexual community is not just from officialdom. Both Christian and Muslim communities in Ghana have both issued respective statements condemning homosexuals and calling on the state to crack down on them.

According to an eye witness at the scene, he heard one of the group members directing the group to the house of the escaped gay partner at Zongo lane in Accra.


Story: Mensah Topoe

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