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By: Godwin Ako Gunn

I hardly write about myself, but permit me to write this. Many may not understand where my energy and passion for the NDC comes from. Let me attempt a simple explanation. one good turn, deserves another.

I have seen love, empathy and support from comrades. My campaign last 4 years was simply a testimony. Delegates of NDC voted for me without asking me for a pesewa . How grateful can I be under the umbrella !!!

Probably my story was different, my entry into the deputy communication officer elections was received with mixed feelings. I didn’t have a big name openly behind me, neither did I have funds to execute that agenda. But as the elders say, God prepared helpers for the tortoise even before its creation.

God brought some unsung but dedicated young people my way. They spoke on my behalf in their constituencies and regions. Some I never met untill the congress at the trade fair.

The situation became even more difficult when the Nana Addo’s national security headed by Hon Albert Kan-Dapaah, for whatever reason came for my brand new Toyota Corolla with registration number GW 1841-17 which was a gift from the former president H.E John Dramani Mahama. My only campaign vehicle !!!

Volunteers, had to resort to calls to explain why I can’t visit some constituencies, with meeting them at their hotel as the only option left when they arrive in Accra.

The Lord makes things beautiful in his own time. It’s a success I have never taken for granted. Any call to duty, is seen as attending to the need of someone, a constituency or a region who stood for me which I may not have known.

In appreciation, I placed my services beyond my role as a deputy communication officer. To the youth organizers, I was their hand in times of need, to the women organisers, I was their additional deputy women organiser and to the organisers, I was an available organiser. The team work have been solid.

Sometimes I am tempted to mention names of people who have had my interest at heart and keep supporting me anytime I have to travel or organize an event. Others have suprisingly made my name a household name without knowing me from Adam.

My family and I will forever be grateful to you. You didn’t just rebrand me, you gave me a new garment. You may not know what that meant to me.

Some wished it for evil, but God meant it for my Good. Infact, everything works for the good of those who love the lord.

This is just to thank you for what we have been through for these 4 years. For me, its been a miracle, and God showed himself strong in my life.

Comrades, even when you didn’t know me, you reposed confidence in me. And for what we have been able to achieve together, I believe we can still work together as we pray for better days ahead !!!

Kun Fa Yakun

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