I’II Engage Cadre And Party Members For Victory 2024 – Elvis Afriyie Ankrah

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MR. Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, a General Secretary Hopeful of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) , has stated that his priority for the general secretary-ship position is to engage disgruntled Cadres and party members in order to unify the Party and bring the NDC spirit back.

He explained that his good human relationship with everybody in the party irrespective of their status puts him at a Strategic Position to fulfill that mission.

Mr. Elvis Afriyie was speaking on GhOne TV’s Expressive Show.

“The general approach is to bring everybody on board. I know so many people. You know it’s not as if there is a deliberate attempt to sideline anybody It’s just an evolution of the Party and even the society.

For example a lot of our senior Cadres are not used to this WhatsApp there are a lot of conversations and discussions on WhatsApp.

They’ve been cut off but how do you engage them and make them feel they are part or will be part of the system and to make them be committed to the victory”, the former Director of Elections emphasized.

According to him, the Party, at this crucial stage needs everybody on board especially those party members who feel neglected in the past.

“We are both physical and spiritual beings so you don’t want to have very key strategic people walking around with bitterness. Off course there is some bitterness which is unfounded”, he said.

…If you are harbouring bitterness in your heart for no reason , you will die but people who genuinely feel they’ve been neglected there is a way to bring them back and bring the spirit of the party back. That is what wins elections and it is going to be a major thing and I’m well positioned to do that”.

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