Nii Adama Djata Gets International Appointment As Managing Director of Africa Affairs for Karamouzi’s Bank And Trust

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During a meeting of Karamouzi’s  Bank and Trust held on August 29th, 2022, Majority Shareholders led by Mrs. Dionysia Karamouzi, President of Karamouzi’s Bank and Trust have approved the immediate appointment of Nii Djata Adama also known in private life as Laremy Wade to present and coordinate all actions and activities required to establish a legal operating entity as representative, branch or other entities may be required to operations and business plans of Karamouzi’s Bank and Trust Limited. (KBT) and other affiliated entities. 

Nii Adama Djata also known as Laremy Wade, born in Boynton Beach, Florida. April 21st, 1981. He relocated to Georgia in 1996, Graduated in 1999 from highschool. His military career started from 1999-2003. Laremy graduated an online Business School in Ga. 2003-2007.

He began his spiritual priest from 1996 to present. Computer money magic started in 2011. True Movement Association, spiritual organization started in 2002. First crypto was made in Feb. 2014 on black history month and I was the first melanated person to make a crypto.

Laremy Wade was installed as chief of Business Development on 1st May, 2021 in Accra. Laremy Wade was installed to that position to function on behalf of the Royal Dynasty of Abola Paramount Stool and Anamase Kingdom Respectively.To this, his names Laremy Wade Changed to a Royal Divine Traditional Names, ”Noryaa Mantse Adama Djata”.

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