UPSA VC, ABEDNEGO OKOE IN TROUBLE; as Former UPSA Internal Auditor calls for his Removal over Massive Corruption and Abuse of Office

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A reliable source that has been intercepted that a petition filed by former Internal Auditor of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) against the Vice Chancellor Abednego Okoe Feehi Amartey, calling for a full-scale probe into various corruption allegations, including willfully causing financial loss to the state, employment fraud and abuse of office.
The President of the Republic of Ghana and UPSA governing council has been petitioned to trigger a full scale enquiry into acts of massive corruption by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Professional Studies, Accra.

The petition signed by now USA based Mr. Michael Quaye, former Internal Auditor of the University Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) who fled the country after a failed assassination attempt on his life, also want the president to set out an external independent committee to investigate these acts and a possible removal of office of the Vice Chancellor.

The six-page document as intercepted by Nadia News’ is all about the VC alleged infractions, profligate expenses, Recruitment fraud and procurement breaches.

“The vice chancellor spent close to GHS. 2 million to acquire the state of the art brand new V8 Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle and E class Mercedez Benz for his personal use when he assumed office in January 2017.

At the time of the purchase, the University has enough vehicles for his use, but chose to squander such amount of Money. The university do not have a governing council at the time of purchase of the Luxury vehicles and as a result no Entity Tender Committee worked on the procurement.
Also, at the time of purchase of the above Vehicles, the president of the republic of
Ghana has placed a nationwide ban on the purchase of Cars by state institutions’ a portion of the petition read’.

The VC is also alleged to have been center of massive procurement breaches. A portion of the 6page petition submitted to the office of the President read. ‘Another Surrogate company used by the Vice Chancellor to dupe the state is called Pages ink and More. The company is alleged to belong to an Auntie of the Vice Chancellor. Pages ink provides printing services to the University.

In 2018 Pages ink were contracted to print and supply 4000 copies of student
Handbook costing GHS.95, 584 but supplied only 200 copies. They were paid the full amount of GHS. 95,584.

The University Stores and Other records were falsified to reflect that 4000 copies have been received. Staff members at stores and Procurement are living in fear if they refuse to comply. They will be victimized by transfer or delay their promotion. Pages ink also printed and supplied

Among other issues raised in the intercepted petition by the former Internal Auditor, is the Vice Chancellor blatant disregard for Standard recruitment benchmarks. “The Vice Chancellor employed six unqualified students with only first degree under the guise of them being Tutors. They were employed as Assistant lectures and put on Government payroll for more than two (2) years. They did not even make them sign any bond until recently when the issues became a subject of internal audit report that they took action on that. Their personal records has been falsified to reflect them qualified for their positions as at their recruitment time in 2017.

Included in the list of six above is the personal secretary of the Vice Chancellor who was Paid 2 years’ salary as Assistant lecturer with Bachelor degree.
The Vice Chancellor apart from the 6 persons above employed his pastor’s son as Assistant lecturer with a post graduate diploma from GIMPA. (This post graduate Diploma was designed for students who had 3rd class at the undergraduate level and not qualified to pursue Master’s degree). The Records has since been falsified after I confronted the Vice Chancellor on that anomaly.”

However, an extract from Station diary from the Devtraco Police Station points to the fact that a failed assassination attempt of the now USA based, Michael Quaye was not far-fetched. What makes this development interesting was his unlawful reassignment by the Vice Chancellor from Internal Audit to the Finance Department on the same day of the attack. In the process, he lost his car, iphone, Ipad, laptops, jewelry of her spouse and cash.

For fear of his life, the former Internal Auditor has relocated to the USA but willing to assist and collaborate with Investigators.

Source: News Desk

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