Why The NPP Must Vote Against Nana Addo Danquah

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Many agree that the 2020 elections is a communal labour and today, I want to bring it to the attention of the NPP to join this communal labour lest they lose votes that ordinarily would have voted for them in 2024.

The tribalism and the oppression under Nana Addo Danquah doesn’t make sense, and if a whole party is sitting unconcerned and believe it is enuring to their benefit, tomorrow, others will see no evil, and speak no evil.

In the book chasing the elephant into the bush, Hon. Arthur Kennedy acknowledged that, the NPP used to be an Akan dominated party, but now has become an Ashanti and Akyem party. Sit aloof, and Nana Addo will make it worse.

Who said there are no EWEs in NPP? Why this antagonistic posture. Your votes in ketu south has been increasing over the years. The last election, it was over 10% so with your free education, dams, factories etc, couldn’t you have moved it to 20 % or even more?

Why military intervention at registration centers, beating of innocent citizens . This is the main reason why you can’t face the media . Keep appearing at night on sundays with your fellow Ghanaians. Time will catch up with you .

Let me talk about myself a little, lest someone tag me as inflaming passion or being tribal myself.

My mother comes from two parts of Ghana. Tano Dumasi (Kwabere) in Ashanti region and Tarkwa (Banso) in the Western Region. She has brothers and sisters from Cape coast in the central region. My father is from La in the Greater Accra Region and Agbodrafo Aneho. The reason why I call myself a Ghanian and not from a particular tribe!!! I abhor tribalism and the reason why we must throw this bald head tribalist from the Flagstaff house, oops, sorry, they have renamed it Jubilee house.

The temperature in this nation is rising and it’s only the aggrieved that feels it . We must quench it , and it must be done together !!!

I have followed happenings in Banda constituency and many others, where EWEs inhabit. I won’t bother myself so much today on what is happening in the Volta Region, where citizens are being whipped, called Togolese etc. That will be for another time, probably after the next 6 days.

In Banda, state power have been used to attack the people who hail from Volta Region and our President who swore to do good to all manner of people remain quite. Because there are some languages he doesn’t hear , or doesn’t want yo hear !!!

First of all the bui authority were used to go and burn down all the properties of the voltarians living and fishing in and around the landing sites of the bui dam. The President said nothing , and hid behind floyd’s death to organise a funeral for him while his citizens remained homeless.

This week military men have been deployed to the old Brong and Ahafo Regions, to prevent Voltarians from registering. The military are actually are at the registration center asking for names and once it sounds Ewe, that person is sacked from the queue. Oh yes, here in Ghana. Under a so called human rights lawyer. I will attach a short clip for your perusal.

I honestly believed we were one people under one umbrella until this man became president !!! He didn’t say “Yen Akanfour for nothing” . He had an agenda, and his appointments speak louder than my words.

I am calling on the NPP to speak out against this tribalistic leader of theirs and thank me latter.

I will keep writing for the oppressed, the marginalised, and the voiceless .

I do this because I believe there are better days ahead .

Kun Fa Yakun

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