Nii Oyanka Gets International Bank Appointment

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Niii Ayittey Anumle Oyanka, the chief of Oblieman in the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region has been appointed by Karamouzi’s Bank & Trust of Cameroon as Asset Appraisal Specialists and Public Relations Officer (PRO).

As Asset Appraisal Specialist and Public Relations Officer of the bank, King Oyanka is expected to promote and disseminate information of the bank to the general public.

Part of its appointment letter also added that the king has been tasked to rebalance his scope of experience to the world.

His Royal Majesty Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka (King Oyanka) Who is a Royal Traditional Ruler and Leader for Tunma Royal Dynasty of Ga State and Decendant of Royal Amazons Warriors of Benin Kingdom Founded By Queen Tassi Hangbe in West Africa before this appointment to the bank, was appointed as Ghana Director for US CAPITAL PRIVATE BANK ETO (USCPB)A Tripple A rated bank with Global License. 

King Oyanka also Represents the World Human rights Council for Africa and Ghana and founder of Council of International Chambers of Commerce for Ghana and West Africa.

King Oyanka is also the Chairman of Anamase Royal Alliance Council of Akyem Bosome Traditional area in the Estern Region of Ghana .

King Oyanka is also a trustee of Mufakir Tahid Trust in the United States with the responsibility to elaborate on German Gold Bonds, Yellow Dragon Banknotes, Golden Guns, Zimbabwe gold bars in trunks, German Bond Boxes, and all other varying forms of historical and cultural assets from around the world that have been overlooked in the past as having formidable value to humanity and indigenous people.

Meanwhile, King Oyanka said his appointment would open the gateway for Africa its business community internationally.

He will also communicate with the African press to ensure proper communication of the legacy asset projects to solidify the pathway and reference for counterparty banks to ensure present legitimacy.

The appointment letter concluded “implementation of the recently minted, “GLU Banknotes” of Anamase and Abola Piam Kingdoms in which this appointment has marked the one year achievement of the Minting of this Ancestral Banknote”.

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