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A young man is on the run for his life as family chases him for practicing gayism.

Ayerteye Daniel, in his late 30s was on December 28, 2021, caught having sexual intimacy with another young man at Tsita, in the Oti Region of Ghana. The duo narrowly escaped being linched by neighbours who found them engaging in the act.

Ayereteye Daniel’s plight worsened when his own family members who would have protected him even though the act is abominable before the Ghanaian culture and tradition, rather threatened to eliminate him if found, for exposing the family to redicle and social stigma.

Even though no one can tell the whereabout of the young man since December last year, a snippet of information indicates that was was rescued by a man whom he had ever worked with, but it is unclear exactly where the gay escapee might be hiding in the last nine months or so.

Further information gathered unfortunately, has it that, there is no trace of his partner, Eric Dzidoula who many believe might also be seeking refuge elsewhere to escape a possible attack by his seekers.

The seemingly unheard of state of Dzidoula Eric, may have spared Ayerteye Daniel, on to further keep far away from relatives for the safety of his life.

LGBTIQA+ is a taboo in the Ghanaian and for that matter, Africa society such that, the practice is regarded undeserving of any rational human being. The subject has been condemned by most African countries at the mention of it since it is anti-cultural and counter traditional across the continent.

This portal will therefore follow this issue with keen interest and keep readers posted.

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