PADUA 1978/77 gives back to their Alma Mater
… Renovates four classroom

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The “PADUA” 1978/77 Old Students of Ebenezer Senior High School, have inaugurated four refurbished classrooms and handed over to the school authorities as a way of giving back what was invested in them.

Among the renovation works carried out by the 1978 Year Group in three (3) classroom block comprises, the fixing of book cabinets, celling fans, white board, lighting systems, painting etc which amounted to Gh¢53,000.00.

The 1977 Year Group on their part, also renovated one classroom block including the replacement of lighting systems, painting, book cabinets etc.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Ignatius Kwame Asare, the former School Prefect (SP) for the 1978 year Group disclosed that, the 1978 Group has contributed immensely to the development of Ebenezer Senior High School.

“In August 2008 (26th August), we made our first significant contribution to the school.

At that time, we presented distillation equipment for the laboratory, a laptop computer, a projector & screen, a photocopier machine, a printer plus some other office accessories. That presentation was intended to generate a positive reaction among the various alumni year groups to respond to the needs of our alma mater”.

He added that, on Saturday, 15th August 2015, the 1978 Year Group held an Appreciation Get-together with the Teachers who mentored them for five years in the school and awarded all the teachers with money and citations just to say “thank you” to them.

Again the 1978 Year Group built the iconic and magnificent gate and commissioned it on Saturday, 22nd June 2019 which became the turnaround project that has motivated many Year Groups to come and help their beloved school.

“We have done all these, conscious of the deposit Ebenezer made in our formative years.

The school laid a foundation of discipline, fearlessness, and hard work in us for which we are most grateful”.

He thanked all those who have contributed towards the refurbishment likewise, other Year Groups who have renovated classrooms particularly, the Padua North America Group for renovating 7 classrooms for their Alma Mater.

“I am fully aware that it is not only infrastructure that makes for quality education, but a good infrastructure greatly contributes to learning.

We had our five years of secondary education in wooden classrooms, with wooden partitions. Some rightly called us the “stable boys” because of the shacks which represented our classrooms”.

The three classrooms he mentioned, have been refurbished by people who mostly are pensioners and urge the school authorities, the staff, and students to take good care of the facilities and protect them from the stealing brigade coming from within the community.

“As you jealously guard what Old Students provide, we shall be encouraged to do more”.

Mr. Ignatius Asare averred that, there are still five classrooms that require refurbishment and called on other Year Groups to come on board to complete the renovation of all classrooms.

“I also call on the government to complete the girls’ hostel which was started with taxpayers’ money during President Kufuor’s era but abandoned by subsequent governments for the last 14 years”.

Mr. Seth Ofori-Labi, a 1977 year group said, together with his colleagues thought it wise to renovate one classroom for the school because, they were moved after visiting the school and get to know that, most of the classrooms have deteriorated hence, the renovation.

“We would like to see our younger brothers and sisters coming out of school better than we did. We didn’t have such environment so, we are praying that the little that we are able to do, they will improve by learning hard and come out with better grade from Ebenezer Senior High School”.

The Assistant Headmistress of Ebenezer Senior High School in charge of Domestic, Madam Abena K. Agyemfra on behalf of the school, thanked both the 1978/77 Old Students Year Group for always remember where they started and advised the current students to emulate so that in future, they would also come and give back to the school.

She assured that, the school authorities would do everything possible to ensure that the building and other items in the classroom are put in good condition.

The Old Students Madam Abena Agyemfra indicated, have been very supportive to the school of late saying, they are happy to have the 1978 and 77 year groups also coming to help renovate some of the classrooms.
She said, the school still has three (3) classrooms left on the block to be fully renovated and entreated other old Students who have not yet come on board, to emulate what others have done and also come to help their Alma Mater.

“For now, we are Day School and we have a lot of students coming from very far who comes to school very late. So, we believe that if we are granted the Boarding status, it will help some of our students because, some of them are now in hostel”.

The Girls prefect for Ebenezer Senior High School, Abigirl Naa Jagbele Abbey on behalf of the students, expressed their gratitude to the 1978 and 77 year group having them at heart.

The renovation works she noted, would go a long way to them learn hard since, they are going to study under a conducive environment and assured of helping the school authorities to educate her colleagues about the need to keep school properties safe.

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