Naa Awo Dromo I, Poised to Roll Out Youth Skills Development

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The Gamashi Djanumo (Queen Mother of the Ga State), Naa Awo Dromo I, has stated that her main focus to develop the state is through development of youth in the area of skill enhancement.

According to her, the Ga state would soon roll out policies and programmes to help the youth acquire skills in their respective area of endeavours.

Speaking to in Accra over the week, Naa Awo Dromo I, emphasized on the need to redevelop the Ga state.

She said houses within the nation’s capital do not fit in the modern day cities.

For her, the time has come for the Traditional Authority to bury their differences and focus on the development of the capital.

According to her, lack of unity among the people hindering the development of the Ga state.

Naa Awo Dromo I, layed the blame on the politicians for meddling into the chieftaincy disputes of the Ga people to achieve their selfish interest.

She served notice that those behind working against the unity of the Ga people would be fished out no matter how big the person maybe.

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