Ghana Needs ‘Authority’ to Develop – Dr. Nana Oppong

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A Ghanaian – Canadian trained lawyer and President of Distinguished Scholars of Africa (DistinSA), Dr. Nana Oppong has revealed that lack of “Authority” in Ghana and Africa as a whole is hindering the development of the continent.

He explained that ‘Legal Authority’ as a fifth (5th) and the superior factors of production is what Ghanaian leaders must show to bring about development to the citizenry.

Dr. Nana Oppong revealed this discovery during the launch of a Book entitled “Greatest Economic Gift (GEG)” in Accra on last Wednesday.

He pointer out that governments in Africa needed to appreciate ‘Legal Authority’ and it usage to build strong economy and to implement policies to improve the socio-economies of the ordinary African in the subregion including Ghana.

The ‘Authority’ discoverer stressed the need to require competence and ideas to thrive for economic emancipation.

President of DistinSA indicated that countries that made it possible for their citizenry had Legal Authority over their economies with competence and great ideas.

Dr. Oppong pointed out that until Ghana and other struggling African countries have control over their national economy, there is the need stamp their authorities to achieve their goals.

According to Dr. Nana Oppong, “Authority” comes with characteristics like legitimacy, superiority, finality, continuity and independence or free.

“The most important factor of production in post modern economics is Authority. Authority is more valuable than the other four factors of production combined”. He added.

He urged the marginalized countries to take moral lessons, legal and systematic efforts to join that exclusive clubs in other to achieve their economic emancipation.

“Authority” has the power to create and to destroy economies but it all depends on the character of those in the lead, Dr. Oppong posited.

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