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Ghanaians are at a shock and raising alarm of the whereabout of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Antrak group of companies, Alhaji Asuma Banda.

Numerous attempt to reach the business mogul through his partners have proof futile.

Checks from his offices also proved otherwise as workers could not know the whereabout of their boss.

Meanwhile, when thealhajj.com contacted his third son, Mr. Fadel Asoma Banda, a UK born Ghanaian said for the past two years he could not reach his dad on phone.

According the Ghanaian born British son of Alhaji Banda, thought his visit to Ghana could afford him the opportunity to meet dad but denied access by his step mum, Edwina Baaba Coussey (Banda).

Though Mr. Fadel had had information of his father’s critical condition and subsequent hospitalized.

He was told his step mother, the second wife of Alhaji Asoma Banda has taken the man to her house without knowledge of his children and family.

Mr. Fadel narrated that when he got to the step mother’s house, the security man at the gate stopped him with the excuse that the father went out.

He further stated that “my next visit to the house for the second time was when the same guy came out to inform me that my dad said he doesn’t want to see me”.

“I became suspicious of what was going on and if my dad doesn’t want to see me at least let me hear from him if truly he said so, and so strange that my dad will not want to see me, I worked with my dad for 12 years as has his manager and all of a sudden he doesn’t want to see me?”, he queried.

Information reaching us shows non of Alhaji’s family members could be allow to come close including his Imams and sheikhs.

We have learnt that his catholic second wife only allow pastors from her church to visit and pray over the man.

A close source at the residence of Mrs. Edwina Babaa revealed that any time the man demand to see his children and their mother the second wife would dupe him off the whole day.

Thealhajj.com has gathered that leadership of Muslim community and the family are in a crunch meeting to take any necessary action to allow his children see their father.

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