Maj. Retired Amadu Kardo Inaugurates Dogon Interim Executives

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Maj. Retired Amadu Kardo has Inaugurated the interim Dogon National Executives over the weekend at the Nima central mosque in the Ayawaso East Municipality of the Greater Accra Region.

The Dogons are members of Kardo, a tribe migrated from to settle in Ghana before independence.

According to the chairman of the Association, Major General Amadu Kardo Abdulai (rtd) the Dogons have scattered too much and is high time they got something that binds them together, hence the formation of the association to identify and locate themselves wherever each Dogon/Kardo person lives in Ghana.

Adding, the Retired Maj. General hinted that Kardos established lots of Zango Communities including Nima, which happens to be the first Zango community in Ghana and moved to create the Madina which today is one of the biggest and busiest Zango communities in Ghana.

He noted that their forebears did very well for them, so it behoves on them to continue with their inherited legacies. In this regard, he said, he sees no reason they should not come together as one people to also hold the necessary positions in the country.

Alhaji Mahama Gindo, who chaired the inauguration indicated in an interview with the National Tymes, that, some of their parents walked from Mali to the then Gold Coast, now Ghana in 1911 to meet other Dogons in the country – worked in the mining areas, railways, and were part of those who constructed the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

He said the Dogons/Kardos are so reserved that nobody hears of them as if they do not exist whilst their children in the communities appear not to take education seriously like others do. “Our constitution has recognized all these problems and focused on bringing everyone onboard to proffer solutions; irrespective of whose spouse is Dogon to help build the Dogon descendants in Ghana”, he lamented.

“…..the days where our children or youth are used by the politicians for dirty works is over, is high time our youth also took up responsible positions in the country because we have paid our dues to the development of this country, Ghana; and we need our share in the area of good, paying jobs”, Alhaji Gindo stated.

This Dogon (Kardo) Association of Ghana has come to ensure they realize their vision and mission so that their youth could also go places in this country. The Association would want their youth and children see the need for unity and purpose in their endeavours.

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