2024 Elections Rigging Agenda: Jean Mensah, EC Plan Rehearsal In This Year’s District Election Without Indelible Ink

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A month ago, President Akufo-Addo said he foresees some people fomenting trouble in the 2024 elections. A few hours later, the EC chair also said the same thing , giving the impression that the two personalities keep the same script writer. It can’t be a coincidence because intelligence gathered revealed that if the EC is not checked, it will be the one to forment trouble in 2024. Let’s stop the EC in its tracks!!

For the first time, the 19th December 2023 District Assembly Elections will take place without indelible ink being applied to the fingers of voters. How can one tell who has voted and who hasn’t? Unprecedented !!!

On the day of the elections, the officer who will be checking the names of the voters will be the same one issuing ballot papers to the voters. So when the officer issues three (3) papers and ticks three (3) names to tally with the three (3) torn papers, who will be watching the watchman?

The ballot issuers will be the same persons issuing the papers for the Assembly Members and the Unit Committee Members elections. So, is it the case that in the 2024 main elections, one person will be issuing both presidential and parliamentary ballot papers? Will the issuing officer not give a voter two (2) presidential ballot papers or two (2) parliamentary ballot papers, depending on where his interest lies? Is this what the EC intends to introduce in 2024? It will be a recipe for disastrous confusion!!

I wish the EC officials who will be working on that day well as they will face the anger of Aspirants at various polling stations!!! Jean Mensah is unfortunately putting them in harm’s way.

I was present at a few EC organised debates for Assembly Members, and they were messy. Some candidates had to provide their own sound systems, and those who couldn’t afford had to speak without sound systems. What happened to the huge budget Parliament approved? Some electoral areas were unfortunately shortchanged. The number of debate platforms they had to mount was cut down without any explanation.

The assignments placed on the head of Jean Mensah are huge, but my piece of advice to her is that when chewing the fingers of an ape, be careful you don’t bite yours. Whatever is under their sleeves, trust me, we are ahead of them. If you are calling for a peaceful election, it’s your actions that will tell, not your words. When a mouse thinks of becoming destructive, it drowns in palm oil.

I wish all aspirants for the District Assembly and Unit Committees well.

If you want to lead and speak for your community, you must also speak up against the injustice and the fraud the EC wants to perpetrate on the 19th December and the 2024 elections.

Keep the fire burning. There are better days ahead.


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