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Mr. Kessie Boame, a self styled gay rights activist and the  the organiser of the December 24, Papase  demonstration that called for the freedom and rights of gays in Ghana is wanted by the  Police . 

Mr. Kessie, believed to be the heir apparent to the Papase throne in the volta region is said have convenned a gathering of homosexuals who marched through the principal streets of Papase demanding for their rights and freedoms to practice freely in Ghana. 

The peaceful march by the people believed to be homoseexual practitioners and supporters drawn the attention of religious organisations who have angrily reacted to the call for gay practice to be allowed in Ghana. 

According a statement from the Kejrbi Police Command, a  warrant has been secured for the arrest of all those who masterminded the march in Papase, on Wednesday. 

So far according to the police, three persons believed to be part of the leaders of the unknown group that organised the march have been picked and are in the custody of the police at Kejebi. 

The police said the leader of the group one Kessie Kweku  Boame and his deputy Kojo Koomson are on the run and that the police will intensify their search to ensure they are arrested and made to face the law. 

Kessie, the heir apparent to the Papase throne is believed to have organized the march which created chaos across the Papase township. 

So far Mr. Kessie and his deputy have not been seen or heard of in the Papase Township  since the police manhunt started a day after they organized the march. 

The Kejebi District Police Public Relations Officer, Sergent Silvester Mawuko Agrah, confirmed the incident to this portal and added that so far, they will process to arraigned those arrested at the law court to face the full rigors of the law. 

” We are trying our best to apprehend one, Kessie Boame , who is believed to be the leader and convener and the rest of his team who are at large.

We have widen our scope and intensify the search for Kessie Boame and his accomplices and very soon they will be fished from their hideouts and made to face the laws of the country, he assured.

Sergent Agrah warned that  gay practice has no place in Ghana as  the laws of the country is totally against gay practice and that the police will crash any individual or group that tries to introduce gay practice in Ghana.

  He described the march as illegal because the organizers did not inform the police for permit and clearance. What they did was against the Public Order Law of Ghana and a threat to national security.

 When this portal caught up with one, Yaw Barima, the cousin to Kessie Boame in a telephone interview, Koomson indicated that Kessie is fine and safe but he refused to disclose the current location of Kessie for security reasons and fear that he could be traced and arrested.

Yaw Barima added that even though he doesn’t support gay practice, he is glad that his cousin has so far not been apprehended by the police and that they will do all necessary procedures to ensure he escapes from police arrest.

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