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The prime suspect accused of slapping a chief of the Tafo Traditional Council is reported missing from the Tafo community. 

The Chief suspect, one Faisal Mohammed was alleged to have retaliated by slapping the Chief during the violence that ensued in the town recently Wednesday February 10th 2016.  .

The violence has to do with the demolition of a fence wall been constructed on the Tafo Muslim cemetery.

The youth of Tafo believed to be acting on the orders of the said Chief whose name is with held for security reasons demolished the fence wall which angered the Muslim youth of the area.

The Muslim youth subsequently were up in arms and attacked the traditional council members causing loss of a life and properties running into Thousands of Ghana Cedis.

Faisal Mohammed was among the youth that attacked the council and was alleged to have slapped the Chief in retaliation.

Slapping a chief in accordance to the customs and traditions of the Ashanti people is tantamount to insult and disrespect.

To that end, the traditional council also mobilized its youth to counter attack the Muslims on the other hand which resulted in another serious clash creating tension and panic in the township.

But for the intervention of the police and army, the situation could have been worse and gory than what happened.

The police and military intervention was not without brutality as majority of the Muslim youth that took part in the violence were arrested and beaten severely. The police in their attempt to halt the violence shot and killed one Muslim youth by name Hamisu.

Those arrested were however released on Saturday February, 13th 2016, after intervention by the Muslim leadership under the directives of the National Chief Imam, Dr. Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharabutu.

Faisal Mohammed was among those arrested and released but has since absconded from the community. Many were of the view that even though he wasn’t the only person that fled the area, his case could have been serious because of the accusations leveled against him.

According to sources,  he is wanted to face the full rigours of both the traditional and the Ghana laws for Slapping a chief and an opinion leaders.

Some people closed to the family of Faisal who spoke on condition of anonymity indicated that Faisal has traveled to Libya to avoid been arrested by the police or attack by the traditional council followers.


By: Mohammed Saani Ibrahim

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