My Brother Was Wrongly Accused – Sister

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According to the sister of Kamaldeen Suleman, her biological brother was wrongly accused for the death of his fiend Kofi Issaka.

The sister Madam Samira Suleiman admitted that her brother was a practicing gay before he fled into hiding but he wasn’t the one who killed Kofi Issaka.

Madam Samira made these revelations in reaction to the accusations leveled against her fugitive brother by the family of the late Kofi Issaka.

Kofi Issaka who was kamaldeen’s room- mate was found dead in their room when Kamal had left to work that faithful day.

She described the incident as very bizarre and sad but maintained that her brother is innocent.

The family of Kofi Issaka is now on the hunt for kamaldeen and had vowed to avenge his death should they locate kamaldeen anytime.

According to her she suspects a foul play in the death of the late friend of her brother.

When asked what she meant by foul play, although she was tight -lipped, her reaction suggests that she is suspecting the Nima anti -homosexual group called “The Safety Empire “.

On whether she was aware of her brother’s homosexual practice, the dejected sister said that none of the family knew of Kamal’s gay activities until the friend’s murder.

My brother called to confide in me that he had been a gay for some-time now and he was introduced into that ungodly act by his late friend.

Samira added that her brother further revealed to her that he suspects the Safety Empire group to have been tracking them for some-time.

When asked where her brother is now, she responded that the brother failed to tell her his current location as he doesn’t trust anybody for now.

He doesn’t trust anyone because his gay activities have brought division into the family. Some family members were totally against it is in support of those haunting for him.

The family is of the view that Kamal had brought a big shame to the family and Islam as a religion.

On why didn’t they reported the incident to the police, Madam Samira said they cannot do that because homosexuality is illegal in Ghana  and that the police won’t even listen to them.

She was of the view that even though her brother was innocent, his life is still in danger in the area and that the area vigilante group had vowed to punish him severely anytime he is caught.

they said he has brought shame to the area and Islam and as such, he will incur the wrath of the group.


By: Kofi Tekyi

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