Chief On The Run Over Alleged Family Involvement in Lesbianism

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Greater Accra Regional Peace Chief, Abdulai Mayuka is reported to have flee town in a disguise manner for his dear life.

The Peace Chief, who is affectionately called “Fiston”, became a target of some vigilante groups operating within Nima and Kosoa for protecting his daughter who was alleged to have been practising lesbianism.

According to a source closed to, the vigilante groups accused Zeinab Abdullai, the eldest daughter of chief Mayuka for introducing young girls into the lesbianism act.

Zainab, who is a professional braider, plaits the hair of these young girls in the neighbourhood for free, and had to flee from these vigilante groups for safety.

Her escape did not go down well with the members of the community especially the anti homosexuality groups, who vent their anger on her father for helping the daughter to flee.

Sensing dangers on his life, Peace Chief Mayuka maneuvered his way to also escape to unknown destination for his safety.

The source indicated that the Watchdog Committees of both Nima and Kasoa respectively kept alleging that Chief Abdulai Mayuka and his family are engaged in lesbianism; hence, they described him as a traitor and a disgrace to his position as a community Peace Chief.

The Source further hinted that the vigilante groups stormed the residence of chief Mayuka in search of him.

They entered the house brandishing machetes, cagels and weapons and shooting sporadically whilst chanting and saying “were is the traitor”, alleged the source.

The vigilante groups, prior to all their actions, have alerted the Ghana Police on their nefarious activities in search of the family of Peace Chief.


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