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A land ownership dispute in Ajringanor has escalated into a heated controversy, with accusations of fraud and police complicity.

The conflict involves Kweku Duah, owner of Nkatie Burger, who has allegedly used the police as a cover to seize land belonging to the KLE Musum/TSIE WE family.

The Supreme Court of Ghana had previously ruled in favour of the KLE Musum/TSIE WE family, confirming their ownership of the land since July 21, 1965.

However, Kweku Duah reportedly claimed ownership of the land and reported the family to the Regional Police Division.

The Regional Police CID intervened, inviting both parties to ensure peace and stability.

After a meeting, it was confirmed that the KLE Musum/TSIE WE family were the legitimate owners of the land.

Kweku Duah, therefore, agreed to settle the case and pay the family, with the regional police pleading on his behalf for forgiveness.

Despite this, Kweku Duah allegedly went to the Police Fraud Division at the National Police Headquarters, falsely claiming ownership of the land and accusing others of encroaching on it.

He reportedly boasted of his connections, claiming membership in the East Legon Keep-Fit Club, and also suggesting that most of the retired powerful police officers that he knows would support him.

Despite not being legally recognized as the owner, Kweku Duah allegedly wants to use the land for his personal residence and also build a hotel for his family on it.

To the surprise of the community, the police and some land guards were stationed on the land to protect him, allowing him to violate the law.

The actions of Kweku Duah have raised concerns about the rule of law in Ghana, with many questioning the role of the police in the dispute.

The KLE Musum/TSIE WE family has expressed frustration over the situation, emphasizing that Kweku Duah is not a legitimate owner of the land and urging authorities to uphold justice.

The case is ongoing, with the community closely watching for a resolution.

Source: News Desk

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