Government’s Anti-Galamsey Efforts in Shambles as Illegal Mining Continues Unabated

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Despite repeated promises to tackle the scourge of illegal mining, the government’s efforts have been exposed as a dismal failure. Galamsey, as it is locally known, continues to thrive, with devastating consequences for the environment, local communities, and the economy.

The latest finding from reveals a shocking increase in illegal mining activities, with many operators brazenly flouting the law. The task force set up to combat galamsey has been ineffective, with some members even accused of colluding with the illegal miners.

The environmental impact is stark, with once-pristine rivers now polluted with toxic chemicals and forests razed to make way for makeshift mining camps. The health implications are equally alarming, as communities are exposed to harmful substances like mercury and cyanide.

Local residents, who have long suffered at the hands of galamsey, are at their wit’s end. “We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve complained to the authorities, only to see the illegal miners return with impunity,” said one frustrated community leader.

The government’s failure to tackle galamsey has also led to a significant loss of revenue, with millions of dollars in taxes and royalties going uncollected. The lack of action has raised questions about corruption and political will, with many wondering if those in power are complicit in the illegal trade.

As the situation continues to spiral out of control, citizens are demanding answers and actions. The government must take immediate steps to address this crisis, including strengthening laws, increasing transparency, and holding accountable those responsible for the destruction of Ghana’s natural resources.

The future of Ghana’s environment, communities, and economy depends on it.

Story: Idris Ibn Mohammed

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