Ghana Government Urged To Stay Away From Taiwanese Con Star, Oscard Huang

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A Taiwan businessman living in Ghana, is urging the Ghanaian government to keep a distance from a compatriot, Oscard Huang, who also a businessman based in Ghana over some alleged wrong doings.

The complainant, name withheld claimed that his long time business partner who is chairman and founder of a certain mining firm, is allegedly using his links in Ghana to con the Taiwanese government to part with millions of dollars, under the pretext of strengthening diplomatic relations between the two countries.

According to the accuser, Mr Huang is allegedly mining gold in Kwahu Praso and lately undertaking petroleum activities.

Government of Ghana Urged to stay away from Oscard Huang from the Taiwan government to lobby Ghanaian officials to enhance oil business between the two governments but the former had pocketed the money.

“As far as I know, for money he promised Taiwan government to do things like “lobbying important Ghana officials”, “enhancing Ghana-Taiwan oil drilling cooperation”, “offering political capital contributions in elections” and altogether Taiwan government has given him 4 million dollars for those things.”

He alleged that, “most of the money he got was used for inducing Ghanaian officials for his own sake or just filled money into his own pocket rather than what he promised to do.”

According to the accuser, Ghana is a preferred investment destination but she does not need the likes of Mr Huang who is allegedly self-centered and does not care about the reputation of his country and that of Ghana.

“For these years, Ghana has attracted significant foreign investments and the whole world has witnessed Ghana’s fast economic growth. All these must have something to do with Ghana’s increasingly standardized administrations and the wise self-focused development concept.”

“Under the urge of Taiwan government, Huang reached a BIG MAN of Ghana, and by offering money cajoled him and his family into visiting Taiwan privately at the end of November 2021 in a secret way, bypassing Ghana Ministry of Foreign Affairs. That visiting once again gave Huang a good reason to ask for another 3 million dollars as a fund from Taiwan government for giving a last push for escalating Taiwan-Ghana relation.”

“It is such a profitable deal for Huang at no cost at all! However, to Ghana, it’s quite opposite! Because of people like Huang, Ghana’s development basis and government image are being damaged and corroded by such kind of hypocritical foreign agent.”

He said to maintain the good momentum of development, Ghana officials should keep away from people like Huang who has concealed malicious intentions and least consciousness

The complainant urged Ghanaian officials to be wary of the Taiwan businessman, adding that continuous dealing with Mr Huang could be detrimental to the relationship between Ghana and Taiwan.

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