Top Army Officer Terrorise Residents of Manhean For Building On Road

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Information received by Ghanaianvoice indicate that a top army officer, Major Kwame Ofori, is using soldiers to terrorise landowners at Manhean in the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region.

The alleged brutalisation tactics by Major Kwame Ofori happened on Saturday, October 17, on a parcel of land where he is building on a road.

This was after soldiers numbering about six were allegedly sent by Major Kwame Ofori to the site and assaulted residents and workers at the site at Manhean on challenging him of extending his building to the road.

Investigations conducted by this portal revealed that Major Kwame Ofori was stopped by the residents of the area for extending his building into the road last year which according to the residents they will not have access to their homes.

Major Kwame Ofori resurfaced with soldiers using his status as a military officer to intimidate the people by building on the road without permit from the Ga West Municipal Assembly.

Major Kwame Ofori has since thrown the military’s rules of engagement and the law to the dogs and has resorted to using personnel of the service who invariably storm the land in a Rambo style and unleash brutalities on the residents for stopping his project.

This came to light after residents of Manhean discovered that Major Kwame Ofori was claiming to have been given a permit by the Ga West Municipal Assembly to extend the building into the road.

According to an eye witness, the workers working on Major Kwame Ofori’s site who were stopped by residents for extending the building into the road have been maltreated by the soldiers.

As though that was not enough, the soldiers who were wielding guns equally threatened to deal ruthlessly with the residents if they dare come to the site again, the eye witness added.

On his part, after being contacted by Ghanaianvoice, Major Kwame Ofori explained that he owns the land and he was only erecting a fifth pillar.

Whilst admitting that the land belongs to him, he also confirmed sending the military personnel to the land after realizing that the people were stopping him from developing the land adding however that he gave the personnel a clear instruction not to assault anybody.

Major Kwame Ofori when asked why he was not doing the right thing by building on an area earmarked for road as a military officer, he called bluff the media saying “you can publish anything we don’t care and he hanged the line to the chagrin of the Journalist.

Later, Ghanaianvoice contacted the Ga West Municipal Engineer, Eric Jimifoster Donkor for their side of the issue, he denied giving permit to Major Kwame Ofori for the building and sending the Assembly’s Taskforce to the place claiming that Major Kwame Ofori the taskforce were there and didn’t stop him because he had a working permit.

He also admitted that he has no knowledge of a building being built on the road saying he will send his taskforce to the place to get first hand information of the development.

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