Prof. Alabi’s Speech @ The 36th Anniversary of The 31st December Revolution in Ho

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“Very often when we talk, we talk about our own weaknesses. I believe we all have something to offer. I think we must all begin to think about what we can do for our party and the country.
Today I am going to behave like a pastor.  Just tell your neighbour today I am not going to talk about your weaknesses again. Tell your neighbour, I will not talk about your weaknesses again.
I will talk about what you can offer. Because this is what we need to move our country forward. If we move and work on our strength collectively we can push our party there.
I am very  confident come 2020 we are going to move back our party to power (crowd  applaud). We have done it before and we can do it again.
All we need to do is to respect our elders, respect our senior  colleagues, respect the grassroots and collectively this party will come back to power. There is no mistake about it. I thank His Excellency for giving me the opportunity to address my people.  Thank you very much”
Prof Joshua Alabi
31st December 2017

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