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The internal contest within the NDC to select a worthy Presidential candidate for the 2020 elections has teased of on the very first day of 2018 with sporadic shots from the Aide of former President John Mahama, Mr. Stanislav Dogbe, launching an attack on Professor Joshua Alabi, the former Vice Chancellor of UPSA.
Mr. Stan Dogbe in a Facebook post yesterday Monday, 1st January, 2018, took on the Professor and described him as an attention seeker and who is doing everything possible to be President.
The trusted Aide and confidant of the former President in a debate with some supporters of the UPSA Professor said, his boss is too big “to fight over space with persons struggling and shoving each other for attention at especially party events”.
In the same epistle, the former Head of Communication Bureau at the Flag Staff House alleged that Prof Alabi has been chasing the ex-President around, and virtually stalking him at party programs, so as to share in the attention that the people give the former leader.
He stated: “Alabi’s I must at all cost be President dream will be better helped if He focuses on himself and the NDC and how to go ahead of his competitors, not chasing John Mahama.”
Mr. Stan Dogbe didn’t provide a reason for his attack on the Professor, except to say: “It’s interesting reading over the last one year, words of insults, false claims and attacks on the person of President John Mahama, and extended sometimes to some who worked with him by supporters of, agents of, and workers for Joshua Alabi.”
Unable to back his claim that supporters of the Academic had made false claims and insulted him and his Boss, some NDC Facebookers expressed worry and disgust at the unprovoked attack on the former Vice Chancellor who had a day earlier ask party supporters in Ho to shake hands and commit to speak well of each other.
Prof Alabi in a short address during the 31st December Revolution gathering held at the Volta Regional capital said: “Please turn around and shake the hands of your colleagues, and tell them, from today onwards, we are no longer going to make any negative comments about about each other. We will project only the positives, because we all have something positive to offer the NDC.”
Former President Jerry John Rawlings unceremoniously decided to invite Prof Joshua Alabi and other Presidential hopefuls in the NDC to come forward to speak to the gathered crowd. That invitation was not part of the program as the Local Organising Committee had planned. The surprised call of the Prof unnerved others, and has been identified as part of the under currents leading up to the launch of the attack.
Again, Prof Alabi was captured by the media as having joined a delegation of NDC leadership, led by former President John Mahama to go pay a courtesy call on the Awomefia Torgbe Afede in his Palace, immediately after the 31st December durbar. This invitation extended to the former NDC Minister and Academician also did not go down well with some people, leading to escalation of tensions.
The sudden fire from Stan Dogbe, on the very first day of the year, confirmed the bad blood that is existing between former President and the former Vice Chancellor.
In response to Stan Dogbe’s attack, Prof Joshua Alabi supporters fought back stating their choice of candidate is not struggling for attention. “Prof is not an attention seeker. He was sitting down and minding his business when suddenly, President Rawlings mentioned his name and invited him to the microphone.
Prof was again minding himself when He was invited by the LOC to go to the Palace of Torgbe Afede for a courtesy call.”
Others posted: “Prof Joshua Alabi has never said I MUST BE PRESIDENT AT ALL COST. His countenance, approach, conduct and rise never shows He believes He MUST BE PRESIDENT AT ALL COST. Anybody saying this about Prof Joshua Alabi is not being truthful.”
Other supporters of Prof Joshua Alabi threatened to respond to series of insults piled on their darling, in the last one year, including descriptions of him as an albino who cannot visit Tanzania.
In his swift response to the attack on the former UPSA VC, the immediate past member of Parliament for La Dadekotopon Constituency in Accra, Nii Amasah Namoale described the attack on his facebook wall as premature adding that ” JM was not the President and later became president. Alabi is not President and if God permits he shall be President wae Stan Xoese Dogbe”.
By: Murtala Abubakar Muhammad

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