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The Community Focus Foundation Ghana (CFF-GH) has noted with grave concern the lifting of some of the restrictions on the novel coronavirus pandemic contained in the president’s 14th address to the nation.

CFF-GH would like to commend government sincerely for the tireless efforts put in place thus far to contain the ravaging novel coronavirus we are struggling with as a country. Inasmuch as we commend government efforts in this fight, we are unable to hide our displeasure on some of directives announced by the president in his 14th address to the nation.

CFF-GH consider the exponential increase in COVID-19 cases on daily basis in Ghana to at least serve as evidence to discourage government from easing some of the restrictions as sadly done by His Excellency the President. It is becoming increasingly difficult to understand why Government is in a haste to lift some of the restrictions especially in the transport sector at a time Ghana Health Service (GHS) is announcing very high numbers of COVID-19 cases in the country.

The position of the president for churches and mosques to operate at full capacity, observe social distance but same physical distance health protocols cannot be applied to public transport services defeat the president’s own logic. It does not justify government’s 50% loading capacity announced earlier.

At this trying times of our existence where the novel coronavirus cases are on sharp increase, one would have expected government to take stringent containment measures to stem the spread rather than what we are witnessing now. Again, what happens to the increased fares as a result of social distancing in commercial vehicles?

To us, and by account of the said directives by the president on transport services, we can emphatically say without any scintilla of doubt that the government under the leadership of the president is fatigued and cannot protect the population against this wicked virus any longer.

In fact, the hue and cry, apprehension, and frustrations expressed by most Ghanaians including health experts on some of the restrictions lifted by the president only reinforces our position that the directives of the president is not justified by science, dangerous and an avenue for increasing COVID-19 infections in Ghana.

As an organization who advocates for the achievement of the SDG3 “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages”, we are respectfully calling on government to rescind its decision to lift restriction on transport service providers for it is dangerous and does not serve the interest of Ghanaians in the midst of the staggering figures of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Ghana.



Mr. Richard Kasu
(Executive Director, CFF-GH)


  1. The President of the Republic, Jubilee House Accra
  2. The Minister of Health
  3. Director General of Ghana Health Service
  4. The Chairman, Coalition of NGOs in Health
  5. All Media Houses.

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