NPP Domeabra Obom PC nearly lynched by Constituents over ‘malnourished’ food

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The New Patriotic Party Parliamentary Candidate for Domeabra Obom, Philip Doe, and Constituency Executives were nearly lynched by angry constituents over what the constituents described as distribution of malnourished food to them.

Mr Doe, who is said to be taking advantage of the government’s relief items to popularize himself in the Constituency, had his hopes dashed when the constituents angrily rejected the food and chased him and the Constituency Executives away.

Narrating the unfortunate incident to, a resident of Ashweniagmor in the Nsuobri Electoral Area who does not want his name mentioned, said the constituents rejected the food on accounts that they do not want already cooked food.

“They came to Ashweniagmor to share food but unfortunately the people said they wanted rice they could cook themselves and not the one prepared by them. What actually triggered the scuffle was that one man asked them if after giving them a pack of rice (takeaway) for the evening, they would come again or the pack of rice was for the entire three weeks lockdown?. He suggested that they should be given at least a cup of rice instead of a malnourished takeaway. Their Constituency Secretary and Chairman took offence to what the man said and it resulted in a scuffle to the extent that Philip Doe himself was manhandled by the guys,” the eyewitness stated.

He added that “those who later took the takeaway opened it in their presence and poured it on the floor…out of anger Philip Doe and his executives threatened to arrest the guys but we are yet to see if they will actually do that.”

As part of President Akufo Addo’s plan to feed the less privileged as a result of the lockdown resulting from the spread of the coronavirus, the NPP Parliamentary candidate and Constituency Executives have been touring the various communities in Domeabra Obom Constituency to distribute packd of rice to the constituents.

This portal gathered that the pack of rice is being prepared by the NPP Constituency Women Organizer, one Madam Gina, but some of the people who have gotten their share so far say they do not want cooked rice.


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