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Members of the Opposition National Democratic Congress [NDC] have started to flee their communities to other places just to secure their safety and that of their family members.

One, Mohammed Salis Shaban, a known member of the NDC House to House campaign team in the Greater Accra Region is reported to have fled his community and gone into hiding.

According to a source close to the NDC Greater Accra team, he[ Salis Shaban]  has become a target for the Invisible Forces vigilante group affiliated to the New Patriotic Party [NPP], immediately after the declaration of results for the just ended December general elections.

The source added that Salis Shaban , who belongs to the Vonat Bakey branch of the NDC in the Ayawaso East Constituency although holds no executive position ,has played crucial and active  roles in the NDC’s campaign during the electioneering period of the just ended elections.

Salis Shaban and some NDC members were recently violently attacked by the vigilante group when they

[the NDC members]

were having an emergency indoor meeting at the office of one its members at Nima, a suburb of Accra in the Ayawaso East Constituency.

The violent attack has led to four persons sustaining different degrees of injuries with one of them in critical condition and according to report might have a leg to be amputated due to the serious effect of the injury.

According to the source , the Invisible Forces group numbering more than twenty and wielding machetes, local manufactured guns, knives,  sticks, stones and other weapons besieged the meeting ground and asked that no one should move an inch.

They then started shooting sporadically in the sky, beaten up anybody found at the meeting ground as well as passersby and onlookers whom they claimed were all supporters of the NDC. The unarmed NDC members were left with no option than to flee for their dear lives through the open windows and any other openings that were available.

The source further disclosed that the motive for the attack was to get rid of all NDC gatherings within the constituency and also to put fear and panic amongst the members of the party that has just lost power.

Many NDC fanatics are believed to be leaving  in a state of  fear as they are left vulnerable to defend themselves against the well-armed Invisible Forces group that seem to have the support of the NPP leadership and the security forces.

I believe Salis Shaban was their prime target because we heard one of them believed to their leader saying ‘’ have you gotten Salis?  He then instructed that they should comb everywhere in the nooks and crannies of the constituency for him.

The source  was tight lipped on the exact location of Salis Shaban but his responses suggests that  he might still be within the country or in the neighboring Togo or Benin Republics respectively but was quick to add that Salis Shaban fled unhurt.

Computers, laptops, printers, scanners and other accessories as well as phones, car wind screens and motor-bikes running into thousands of Ghana Cedis were destroyed during the attack.

Ghana has recently witnessed an upsurge in vigilante attacks especially by the Invisible Forces and other pro-NPP affiliated groups on members of the NDC and other innocent individuals immediately  the NPP was declared as winners of the just ended December 2016 polls.

According to the NDC party, they seem helpless as they cannot report the matter to the police because the police seem to be in bed with the ruling New Patriotic Party whose affiliated groups were unleashing mayhem and terror to the opposition parties and innocent Ghanaians .

By- Mohammed Saani Ibrahim


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