King Speaks Out About Priorities During COVID-19 Pandenmic

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The Overlord of Oblieman-Opah in the Ga West Municipal of the Greater Accra Region, Nii Ayittey Anumley Oyanka has raised serious concerns about the quality of equipments the Chinese is sending to Ghana to help fight the deadly Coronavirus in the country.

According to the King, his most important priority in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic is to insure the health and well-being of the people of Ga-West Municipality.

According to him, the quality of the personal protective equipment (PPEs) coming in from China has not been of the best quality.

He therefore called on the Ghana Standard Authority to scrutinize those equipments and and ensure they are good for use before distributing to various health institutions.

The development Queen Mother of Oblieman-Opah, Mrs Graciela Blackstone has on her part noted that the same PPEs sent to Ghana by the Chinese were rejected by the United States sometime ago.

This, therefore raises further concern about the qualities of the PPEs on the people.

Furthermore, the associate have known and work with the chief and would be rendering their services to him free of charge in the fight against COVID-19.

The company this portal has gathered is headed by former Ambassador Richard Swett who has worked with the King on developing new economic opportunities for the Ga-West populace.

According to Nii Oyanka, When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, Ambassador Swett was able to secure reasonable priced supply lines of PPEs for his home state of New Hampshire in the United States.

Mrs. Graceland, the queenmother subsequently approached him and place request for help for the people of Ga West Municipality in Ghana which he immediately agreed to help the King secure the necessary PPEs to ward off the virus in his region and the country at large.

The King said, “This is an important demonstration of how old friendships can come back to help in times of tribulation”.

“Ambassador Swett is good enough to help us not only get the good quality PPE supplies we need, he is helping the WHO and other national governments in Africa to establish strategic containment programs to halt the spread of COVID-19. I am talking with him about doing that here in Ghana, too. I am grateful for the Queen Mother who thought of contacting the Ambassador. Now we have to get started to ensure the protection of my people”, Nii Oyanka added.

He indicated that Ambassador Swett was honored to be working with the King on such an important program.

“There is no time to waste,” he said. “Every minute lost means lives will be lost. Right now Ghana is looking at 214 cases and 5 deaths. We don’t want to see those numbers rise if possible. We need to get the PPEs and put a containment strategy into place in order to contain the pandemic in Ghana”.

The King also expressed gratitude to the Chinese people for their donations and support to Ghana.

With the assurance of quality equipment being tested properly before distributimg to Ghanaians, the King feels confident that things would take a turn for the better.

He is also grateful for the efforts of responsible Ghanaian business gurus, Ministers and businessmen who have contributed their quota in the form of donations to fight the virus.

“We are not helpless yet, and don’t intend on ever being that way,” the King said. “As an overlord and leader of my community, I am in constant communication and conversation with BSN’s Mustafa Ismail, Richard Swett and Michael Rowan. Yesterday I spoke with Ms. Graciela Blackstone regarding the work of the World Health Organization, (WHO) in Africa. BSN is transmitting its plans to Ms. Blackstone, the Queen Mother of Development representing Ga in America to bring immediate support and defense against the Spread of Coronavirus in Ga-West”, he revealed.

BSN’s role will be to help facilitate the rapid and effective communications, coordination and collaboration of Ga-West Health Care System, the WHO and its partner, ESRI’s COVID-19 GIS Hub, institutional supporters, the media and the Ga-West population in working together to prepare and implement the effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 until a vaccine is widely available.

Furthermore, he explained that ” Bachelor of Science in Nursing BSN and ESRI’s Disaster Response Team are already working together to assess the first steps. Environmental Systems Research Institute ESRI and the WHO are in partnership already, the GIS server, dashboard and apps are ready to be downloaded, learned, and used.

The first step is to familiarize the WHO and the Ga-West Region State Health Care personnel with Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI’s) hub which will become the real-time information system utilizing numerous apps to implement and monitor the testing, treatment and communication programs that Ga-West Region State decides to run”.


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