Codvid19: Mahama would’ve Done Better if he was President – NDC Youth Organizer

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The deputy Greater Accra Regional Youth Organizer of the National Democratic Congress, Amos Blessing Amorse says he will rate former President John Dramani Mahama above President Akufo Addo when it comes to crisis management.

According to the vociferous youth leader of the biggest opposition Party, the former President has not only proven to be unmatched when it comes to governance but has also demonstrated his ability to assemble capable hands to handle any challenging situation.

Responding to mitigation measures announced by President Akufo Addo in an interview, Mr Amorse stated that former President Mahama’s handling of the ebola situation was an indication that would have “handled the coronavirus pandemic better than what Akufo Addo has done so far”.

“I am convinced that if Mahama was President, the virus would not have entered this country for us to be talking about mitigation measures and lockdown. Why do you think there are some African countries that have still not recorded any case? Those countries are not better than Ghana… They have not recorded any case because their President’s took the right descisions from the onset. That was exactly what Mahama did when Ebola was ravaging other countries. But in our case, President Akufo Addo adopted wrong approach hence the messy situation we find ourselves” he added.

The NDC Youth Organizer explained that “if Mahama was President and the virus entered Ghana, he’d have outlined measures to contain it’s spread far better than what this government has done. Tell me, what novel thing has this government done when we recorded our first case apart from falling on health centres Mahama built of which they crucified him and failed to commission them? Mahama would not have announced free water bills for Ghanaians when we all know there are challenges in that sector. He would have done some that will really lessen the suffering of Ghanaians.”

“Go out there and check if the water tankers the President promised will deliver water to communities without taps have started operating. Ask the people in your communities how the food the President claims will be distributed is being done. If you give someone a pack of rice and stew for a whole week, have you lessen his plight? The President just said the things he said to attract applauds from his praise singers and judging from all indications, he got the applauds but the implementation has been haphazard, and disappointing a” Mr Amorse noted.

He admonished Ghanaians not to be swayed by what he described as mouthwatering promises of President Akufo Addo, saying “the fact that the doctors and nurses told him in the face that they needed PPEs and not insurance and allowances should tell you the President is prioritizing trifles”

Source: Ghanaiandemocrat

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