Islamic Business Community and Professionals Commends Hon. Sam N. George – Calls LGBTQ+ a Satanic Act

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Statement in Support of the Hon. Sam N. George LGBTQ+ Bill

We are stating for public records our support for the criminalization of the act and advocacy of this morally reprehensible conduct known today as LGBTQ+ on two(2) valid grounds:

  1. As committed Muslims, and referencing the Quran as our Holy book, Allah completely prohibits the act and punishes severely individuals or nations who allows such practices to thrive:

” And as for the two of you men who are guilty of lewdness , punish them..” (Quran 4:16), again in another verse , ” When our (Allah’s) command came, we turned the city (Sodom) upside down and rained layers upon layers of clay on it.” ( Quran 11:83), to add, ” And we let rain fall on them. Look how that was the end of the wrongdoers .” (Quran 7:84), and further readings, “He (Lut) said: help me, my Lord ,against the people who cause disaster.”

  1. As young businessmen and successful professionals, the clarity of an impending doom or disaster on our generation and businesses due to this evil and satanic sexual preference and practice of a few is not lost on me and thereby answering duties call to support this bill.

We are certain that, If this bill passes, our generation will continue to have a normal business and human activity for the economic advancement of not only ourselves, but that for our families and the country at large, without inviting the anger of Allah ,premise on this dispicable act, upon our country in the same manner as those described in the Holy Quran in Sodom.

The scientific proof linking sodomy to the spread of HIV/AiDs and other sexually transmitted diseases constitute another cristal reason our association supports the above Bill, more so, to guard against exposing the already venerable zango communities to a greater risk thus diminishing the gains made so far.

On the basis of the above, We unequivocally state our support for the Private Members’ Bill sponsored by some Members of Parliament to criminalized LGBTQ+ activities in Ghana.

We further commend the courage, professionalism and sustained strength of Hon. Samual Nortey George and all those who have worked effortlessly on this bill. Together we shall win.

We remain committed to protecting the values and norms of our beloved country Ghana.

Islamic Professionals of Ghana.

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