Former Sports Minister was sabotaged by his own senior party officials -Joseph Langabel

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Joseph Langabell one of Ghana’s football most colourful cheerleaders and a national team motivator, has sensationally claimed that former Youth and Sports Minister, Hon Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, was systematically frustrated and sabotaged by his own party officials who wanted him to fail.

Langabel was ever present throughout the Black Stars World Cup qualifiers and was made an official member of the team’s backrooom staff leading up to the disastrous World Cup outing in Brazil.

“I warned the Minister about plots behind the scenes by senior officials close to him and at the Sports Ministry to make sure he messes up because they saw him as getting too popular and powerful”.

Among other allegations, the Chief drummer mentioned former deputy Sports Minister Joseph Yamin as one of the people behind plots to disgrace Afriyie Ankrah.

Speaking exclusively on Max TV’s Black Stars Classics – World Cup edition, Langabell was unapologetic about his confessions to host Yaw Ampofo who incidentally, is a brother to the former Minister.

“Let me tell you something, Yaw, your brother was brought down by his own people and not any opposition strategy. I knew about this because I am a ways and means person and I got information from all corners so I went to his office to warn him about some of his close political allies who were working against him but he did not take the necessary action that is why they succeeded in sabbotaging him and you know what I am saying is true”

The Black Stars Classics – World Cup edition continues with host Ampofo Ankrah seeking to get more answers from people who have been involved with the Black Stars over the years in an attempt to get a clearer picture as to what has been, what currently perrains, and what can be done in future to reclaim the faded glory of Ghana’s senior national team.

Source: Dennis Mensah

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