CHRAJ Petitioned to Investigate Hawa Koomson

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A group calling itself a concerned landlords and residents in the Awutu Senya East in the Central Regional of Ghana are calling for the immediate prosecution of their Member of Parliament who doubles as the Minister of State in charge of Special Development Initiative, Hon. Hawa Koomson for causing chaos at the registration center in the ongoing voter registration exercise.

The ground noted with concerned how her actions marred the peaceful registration exercise and plunged the lives of citizens in danger.

CHRAJ is Petitioned to let the MP face the full rigors of the law.

Below is the letter of pettion:

We, concerned citizens of Awutu Senya East Constituency are with heavy heart and worried with the level of abuse of power and incumbency, violent nature, misconduct and dishonesty of our representative in parliament who is also a minister of state in charge of Special Development Initiative.
Prefixed with the above unpalatable situation of which we have evidences against the Minister and Member of Parliament, Hon Mavis Koomson, we wish to petition your honorable and diligent office to help investigate and suggest necessary punitive actions in accordance to the laws of the country regulating code and conducts of public office holders for her violent misconduct and disrupting an electoral process whiles endangering lives of innocent citizens she claims to be representing their welfare and developmental interest.
She is abusing parliamentary and executive powers and immunity by engaging in acts she would not dare do if she was not being covered by an immunity against security agencies arrest.

The parliamentary privileges offering members of parliament immunity against police arrest is not allowing the security agencies uncompromised and free access to arrest her subject to her recent act of violently instigating a group of armed ‘vigilantees’ and hoodlums to fire sophisticated guns and also burning to complete destructions a number of motorbikes belonging to unarmed lawfully citizens who were just present at a polling station to register for their voter’s ID cards.

The MP, since the day one of start of the voter ID card registration exercise has been moving round the constituency with a van full of armed young guys ‘vigilantees’ destructing and harming innocent citizens of Ghana which is completely an act of criminality and torture against humanity which the Constitution of Ghana and International Conventions and Charters the country has signed unto and the newly promulgated Ant-Vigilantism Law are against.

However, the Central Regional Police Command has stated their reasons as to why the MP has yet not been arrested even after she admitted to the violent incidence which received massive condemnation by all sections of the Ghanaian community, because she is still a member of parliament and covered by parliamentary immunity and therefore it has become an obstruction to the Police Service to execute mandate permitted them by the noble you are the leader today.

We therefore see it as the best decision for your honorable office to investigate and recommend lawful actions and procedure to suspend her as minister of state and MP of Awutu Senya East Constituency so that, the security agencies can freely and professionally apprehend, investigate and prosecute her for the criminal offence she has publicly admitted.

Our humbly request in this petition is premised on the constitutional provisions under chapter ten (10) of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana, Article 94 Clause (2)(C) paragraph (i), (ii) and (iii) which reads as follows:
94 (2)(c) has been convicted –
(i) for high crime under this Constitution or high treason or treason or for an offence involving the security of the State, fraud, dishonesty or moral turpitude; or
(ii) for any other offence punishable by death or by a sentence of not less than ten years; or
(iii) for an offence relating to, or connected with election under a law in force in Ghana at any time; or
We are of the view that, as the MP and minister has already admitted and implicated herself to crime and electoral process related violence, the security agencies need free and uncompromised access to the lawmaker and therefore her suspension from parliament and executive powers will uncover the immunity privileges she is abusing and hiding under to allow the laws of the land to be applied fully without discrimination, fear or favor.

We have confidence, trust and utmost faith that, your honorable office as the Commissioner of Commission on Human Right and Administrative Justice will act swiftly, uncompromised, professionally without discrimination, fear or favor to take actions on our request as lawful citizens of Ghana wishing for the utmost good interest and general well-being of every citizen of the land.

Thank you

Usman Yakubu
On behalf of under listed petitioners below:
Humphrey Hosso,
Concerned Lands and Residents Association (C.P Electoral Area)

Faustina Aryee
Zongo Electoral Area

Simon Doamekpor,
C.P Electoral Area

The Board Chairman
National Commission on Small Arms & Light Weapons

The Executive Secretary
National Peace Council

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