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Alcoholic beverages

FDA is on track in the protection of our children from alcohol harm.

The Ghana Alcohol Policy Alliance and the Ghana NCD Alliance calls on government and Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) to stand firm despite the attack from some session of the media and some
celebrities calling on the FDA to lift the ban preventing them from advertising for the alcohol industry.

The decision to ban known personalities from alcohol advertisement is basically to prevent
children and the youth from exposure to alcohol harm which have a lot of negative health
consequences on their development.

We will continue to sensitize the public on the harmful effect of alcohol and the reasons for the ban.

It is important to note that alcohol affects every facet of human development- health, environment, economy, society, family etc.

We want to urge our celebrities to keep in mind that “There is conflict between the interests of the
alcohol industry and those of public health and by extension the rights of our children,
Research also show that millions of dollars are spent every year by the advertising industry on adverts that target children.

Young audiences are bombarded with persuading messages through media such
as the internet, television, radio etc.

This was what we were experiencing in Ghana some 4 years back
but for the intervention of FDA ban and restriction.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador “David Beckham” has called on world leaders to keep their promise to children, this is what we expect from our celebrities.

In recent time, lot of young people are dying due to excessive alcohol intake, accessibility and
affordability of alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol is sold virtually in every corner across Ghana.

Alcohol kills over 3 million people yearly and it is also responsible for over 200 diseases and health conditions including liver cirrhosis and some cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and infectious
diseases like tuberculosis, HIV and pneumonia.

Diseases of the old have now become common
among young people. .

We continue to commend FDA for being resolute in protecting Ghanaian children and our future generation from alcohol harm.

We also salute celebrities who have boldly stated their love, care and compassion to present and future

We shall resist any attempt by some celebrities who aim at nothing but their selfish interest which has the potency of jeopardising the foundation of children.

For further information contact:
Abdul Fatah, National Coordinator Alcohol Policy Alliance – Ghana,
Mobile: 0264804501. E-mail: iamfatahgh@gmail.com
Labram Musah, National Coordinator Ghana NCD Alliance, Mobile: 024-3211854 E￾mail: labrammusah@valdghana.org

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