Farmers Lament Over Current Economic Crisis – GD Survey

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Survey conducted by Ghanaian Democrat among farmers in the Ahafo Region revealed that the current economic hardship bedeviling the country is truly battling them.

The survey which was conducted in the form of view sampling across all the six Municipals and Districts in the region revealed that the current economic crisis is hitting the farmers in their face.

The survey was conducted across the three main types of farming engaging in the Region which include cash crops, cereals and vegetables.

The Municipal and Districts which Ghanaian Democrat visited were Asunafo North and South , Asutifi North and South and Tano North and South.

Same survey question was posted to all of them, “how do you feel at the current economic crisis as a farmers”?

The responses from the farmers were similar.

Hundred and thirty five cash, cereals and vegetables farmers both small and large scale almost have similar challenges in this turbulence era in the country.

They complained bitterly about the high standard of living in the country, and described it as the “deadly pandemic”.

They further lamented about the high cost of agro chemicals. “Due to the high cost of agro chemicals, we cannot afford to purchase them, resulting in the low yield of our farming produce”. A section of the farmers added.

Some of the aggrieved farmers turned the heat directly to the current government, saying the government mismanage the country in the wrong direction.

They wondered why the NPP government in opposition was thwarted itself as an “economic Messiah” that would turn the misfortune of the country but when they voted into power things are running out of hands on daily basis.

They charged the government to put up good mechanism to help redeem the sinking Ghanaian economic back into track.

Story: Idris Ibn Mohammed

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