Dissolve Gender Ministry mmediately – Chief Tells Prez Akufo-Addo

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Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection has been tasked to live up to the expectations of the Ghanaian citizenry.

The Ministry must be seen as an independent organization supervised by religious leaders devoid of any political interference to ensure it discharge its duties to the satisfaction of the Ghanaian populace.

Expressing dissatisfaction about the activities of the Gender Ministry during the lockdown period, the Chief of Oblieman Dodoo and acting Paramount Chief of Abola Piam We of the Ga state, Nii Oyanka Anumley tasked the Ministry to act now or risk being dissolved by the Presiden to pave way for a better organization that can oversee to the challenges of poor and the needy parents who have been affected by school closures and other related activities due to COVID-19.

According to Nii Oyanka, religious leaders, churches and individuals have done better to the society by providing help during this pandemic period than the sector Ministry.

“In an epic moment like this one will expect the Gender Ministry to prove the relevance of their office”, he added.

The chief accused the Ministry of deliberately refusing to answer phone calls through the emergency numbers they provided for the people to request for food.

He stated that “We have read and seen stories of children been totally helpless doing one thing or the other during this pandemic moment. Many of these young ones have been turned into sex tools by some good for nothing men who only think about their self satisfaction, many of these young ones are students , a few are now taking classes as well as socializing more online, spending more time on virtual platforms that can leave them vulnerable to online sexual exploitation and grooming”.

Furthermore, he suggested that “this is the time where politics has to wait for all to come together in good faith to fight the invisible enemy”.

Nii Oblieman quizzes how challenges of local communities to them is reported to the appropriate authorities for action to be taken.

“How much education do they give to single, parents, the street children and how to incorporate them into societies.

Nii Oblieman also expressed concerns on the measures taken by Gender Ministry in ensuring poor households are well taken care of during this epic movement.

He said his analysis ,investigation and research proves that children between the ages of 12 to 15 years are already been exposed to sex .

This, according to him, was due to lack of proper planning or infrastructure development and quality education that hinder the progress of the people.

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