Covid-19: African Herbal Practitioners Urge WHO To Consider Traditional Herbal Medicine For Cure

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The World Health Organisation, WHO, has been urged to consider proposed traditional herbal medicines from Africa for the treatment of the coronavirus disease.

Traditional Herbal medicines are naturally curring plant-derived substances with minimal or no industrial processing that have been used to treat illness within local or global healing practices.

The President of the Greater Accra Yoruba Community in Ghana, Ambassador Oyeyemi Fatuyi FIIM, made this known in an interview with the Ghanaian Voice in Accra.

He noted that the existence of the Covid-19 pandemic has proven to the world that all are equal and no country is better than the other in terms of producing vaccine for the disease.

“WHO shouldn’t underestimate what Africans can achieve when it comes to using alternative herbal remedies in curing science cannot explain.

“We have used African herbs to treat women with blocked tubes that prevented them from getting pregnant. Even those orthodox medical practitioners have written off,” Amb. Oyeyemi Fatuyi FIIM stated.

It will be recalled that WHO says there is no proof of a cure for Covid-19 after Madagascar’s President launched a herbal coronavirus “cure”.

The country’s National Medical Academy (Anamem) has also cast doubt on the efficacy of Andry Rajoelina’s touted prevention and remedy.

According to Ambassador Oyeyemi Fatuyi FIIM, traditional medicine practice is older than science and it is accepted by most advanced nations in the world.

“If modern scientists are given opportunities to try whenever there is an outbreak of a disease, why can’t we do the same to traditional medicine practice? We are treating symptoms related to COVID-19, so by chance we may be able to treat COVID-19, he lamented.

He questioned why African leaders and the WHO are not focusing on herbal medication. He expressed the believe that a collaboration from herbal medicine practitioners and government could helps create the needed vaccine to stop COVID-19.

Oyeyemi Fatuyi FIIM expressed concern over the inhability of African leaders to champion the use of herbal medicines for the treatment of COVID-19.

He said “it’s a pity that our leaders are not genuine in standing for each other. I expect WHO to invite whosoever that has the idea and knowledge of producing a cure for the world at the moment and not to look down of any continent.”

He further stated that WHO should not discriminate against herbal traditional practitioners but rather bring them on board to find vaccine for the Coronavirus.

Oyeyemi Fatuyi FIIM also encouraged officials of the WHO to have more time in carrying out research about African Healers and what Herbal Practitioners can do with their craft and not only be good at asking the United Nation, International Monitoring Fund and America for donations.

By: Paul Mamattah

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