Concede defeat and stop the delaying tactics-UFP to Nana Addo, Congratulates JDM for victory 2020

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Founder and leader of United Front Party,Dr.Nana Agyenim Boateng has congratulated President John Dramani Mahama for winning the 2020 general elections in Ghana.

He has then called on the leader of the NPP, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo to concede defeat and stop the delaying tactics for not allowing the EC to officially declare the results.

According to Dr.Nana Agyenim Boateng,if Nana Addo tries to manipulate any figure that will have any negative effect and result to any blood shed in the country, he(Nana Addo) would account for any single soul lost in this election.
He said , intelligence has it that president John Dramani Mahama has won the 2020 general elections but the EC is finding it difficult to officially declare him a winner hence the delaying tactics.

He revealed that,the EC promised a 24 hour declaration of the 2020 election results but Ghanaians are not witnessing what the EC promised so the UFP is suspecting foul play somewhere hence the statement.

“We members of the UFP are sending strong signal to the NPP not to thwart the mandated duty given to the electoral commission by the Constitution of Ghana and bring chaos in this country else they will account for every single soul lost in this country by their awkward activities.

Congratulations President elect John Dramani Mahama, congratulations Ghana.
God bless UFP
God bless Ghana
Thank you

Dr.Nana Agyenim Boateng (Gyataba) Founder and leader United Front Party

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