Abola Piam Royal Council Does Not Take Bribe – Kelvin Nii Teiko Tsuru Warned

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The Abola Piam Royal Council of the Ga State has warned individuals to desist from their attempt to bribe members of its Council.

The Council also disassociated itself from receiving Mr. Kelvin Nii Teiko Tsuru, the self imposed Ga Mantse into the stool house.

Information trickle in the office of Ghanaiandemocrat.com indicates that the self imposed Ga Mantse was struggling to get recognition from the Abola Piam Royal House of the Ga State which has the mandate to install Ga Mantse.

Our source indicated that Nii Tackie’s motive behind his struggle for the recognition from the stool house was for him to legitimize his supposed throne.

Mr. Kelvin is battling over the throne with Adama Latse who has been recognised by both the Abola Piam We and the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs where he was gazetted as the legitimate Ga Mantse.

Ghanaiandemocrat.com has intercepted an alleged cheque signed by Nii Teiko Tsuru to unscrupulous members of the council to execute his plans.

Meanwhile, investigations carried out by this portal has it that Kelvin upon sensing dangers on his journey to become Ga Mantse, resulted in paying money to some unscrupulous personalities outside who led him to pay some members of the Abola Piam Royal Council to compromise their position in supporting his legitimacy.

The leadership of the Council has served notice that they have not sold their throne and for the throne is not for sale.

It was alleged that Kelvin Nii Teiko Tsuru has been doling out cash to some members of the Council to pave his way into the Abola Piam Royal House.

The Council is currently investigating those behind and receiving money from the self imposed Ga Mantse, Kelvin Teiko Tsuru to facilitate his visit to the stool house.

According to the Council, anybody who would be found to have compromised would be sanctioned and dealt with accordingly.

Source: Ghanaiandemocrat.com

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