The US Government Can’t Establish Military Base In A ‘Shit Hole’ Country Like Ghana- Alliance For Responsible Citizens (AFRC)

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Ghana, as a sovereign state is proud of her freedom and justice she has and is still enjoying since Independence, and should be fastidious enough especially when taking measures for such a threatening negotiation. 

As a youth group and children of mother Ghana we should not be the next scapegoat as many countries had suffered through this military basement by the U.S.

It will be an insulting remark on all Ghanaians especially the *ALLIANCE FOR RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS (AFRC)* if we allow the government of present day Ghana, through the members of parliament to append their support to its effect.

Therefore,  we (AFRC) are entreating government of Ghana to repeal or retreat such negotiations to save the peace and tranquility we enjoy as a  country.

It is clearly and evidential that some countries in Africa had suffered vehemently and rendered politically unstable as a result of vendetta for allowing the US to operate from these countries.

GHANA is not ready for bomb shells and continuous attack by militant groups and enemies of the US like the *ISIS, AL SHABAB*, and the likes.

This is a major national security threat, and the AFRC will not assent to this and will hit the streets to demonstrate against the establishment of US military base in Ghana. We are by this release stating it clear and loud that the AFRC is joining the *Ghana First Patriotic Front and the Save Ghana Now Movement* on 28th of March, 2018 to demonstrate against this bad omen.

Again the Supreme Court will be our next point of call coming this week.

We entreat all Ghanaians to stand for our country in such a trying moment.

Let’s fight against this calamity that is about befalling us.

Arise Ghana and fight against any oppressions.


We cannot give Ghana out for nothing. Not this time!!!

Not when we are building a nation beyond aid.



Source: AFRC

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