Restore Public Confidence in the Fight Against Corruption in Ghana – GACC

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SP, Mr. Kissi Agyemang

The Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition GACC has charged the newly appointed Special Prosecutor SP, Mr. Kissi Agyemang to make corruption unattractive venture in Ghana.

In a statement released yesterday in Accra, the coalition reminds the new SP of its watch-dog role adding that it would closely monitor the activities of his office.

The statement also urged the SP to publish corruption cases brought before him for public transparency.

You can read the full statement below:

The Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC) extends its congratulations to the newly appointed Special Prosecutor, Mr. Kissi Agyebeng, on his successful approval by parliament and swearing￾in by President Akufo-Addo.

The Coalition urges the Special Prosecutor to lead the charge in making corruption a low gain and
high-risk venture in Ghana.

This is necessary to reassure the citizenry of his fullest commitment
to the fight against corruption, as well as serve to rekindle public trust and confidence in the Office
of the Special Prosecutor.

The Coalition remains committed to monitoring the implementation of the Office of the Special Prosecutor Act, 2017 (Act 959), thus provisions relating to accountability of the Special Prosecutor
to the public, particularly, Section (3) of Act, 959 which mandates the office to publish the following information in at least two daily newspapers of national circulation and on the website
of the Office:

(a) The list of corruption cases investigated and prosecuted by the Office: and
(b) The number of acquittals, convictions and cases pending in respect of the cases prosecuted
under paragraph (a) and the value of proceeds recovered if any.

We trust the Special Prosecutor will assert both his legal and functional independence and be
accorded the necessary cooperation and support by all institutions of vertical and horizontal
accountability and the Executive branch of government to enable the Special Prosecutor to execute
his mandate.

The Coalition wishes the Special Prosecutor a successful and memorable tenure.

Beauty E. Narteh
Executive Secretary-GACC

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