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One, Joseph Ampomah Dadzie , who was once accused of been a gay practitioner and chased away by the police and a vigilante group is still a wanted person in the Tema New Township in the Tema Metropolis of the  Greater Accra Region.

According to a source closed to the family of Mr. Ampomah, the vigilante group known as the Millennium Combatants that forced him to flee from the township just recently thronged his family house at Tema Newtown, demanding for his whereabouts.

The Vigilante group known for its dangerous and violent clamps on homosexuals, this reporter learnt was acting on a tip-off that Ampomah who fled in 2018 has secretly returned to the area.

The source further disclosed that the group affiliated to the Nima Safety Empire group, another anti-gay movement, wielding machetes, sticks and other weapons forced their way into the family house amid war songs.

We were frightened at   the sighting of the group who were cladded in red and wielding dangerous weapons but we mustered courage and confronted them.  They were made to understand that Ampomah is no longer in Ghana and that he has not returned home since he fled.

Realizing that their target and suspect is not around, they warned that they will surely look out for him and punish him. ‘’ He can run but cannot hide , we shall surely get him and punish him for involving in such a disgraceful act’’ they threatened.

The source who also spoke on condition of anonymity added that they threatened to punish anyone who   supports or involved in homosexuality in the locality. We do not support homosexuals and that anyone found to be a gay or lesbian or even supporting such a practice shall be dealt with severely.

The source says the family was never aware of Ampomah’s involvement into gay practice until the day he was chased away. He himself later called to confirmed that he is a gay and that he was introduced into the act by a friend. He  apologized and asked for the family’s forgiveness for the shame he has brought to the family in the area.

The group known for its stance against homosexuality do often torture homosexuals and those suspected of aiding them in the community. Homosexuality is illegal in Ghana and it’s highly frowned upon by the two leading religions Islam and Christianity.

It would be recalled that in June 2018 Ampomah , who was then 31  and his gay partner by name Nicholas Baidoo,35 were forcibly chased by the police and the Millenium Combatants Vigilante group.

The incident forced the two to flee the township and were never seen or heard from again by the community members.

Gay or homosexuality practice which is regarded as illegal in Ghana and frowned upon by both the Christian and Islamic faiths respectively, has received strong resistance from groups and individuals led by vigilante and religious bodies in Ghana.

There are series of incidences in which gay practitioners or homosexuals were severely maltreated and tortured by vigilante groups or individuals who have taken the fight against homosexuality to themselves and have vowed to eliminate the canker which is gradually gaining grounds amongst Ghanaian youth especially second cycle students.

Most of the victims of such maltreatment and severe punishments from these vigilante groups do not report to the police because they fear they could be arrested and prosecuted  by the police because, gay practice is illegal in Ghana.


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