Woman Stabs Husband to Death and Escape with Son

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A woman by name Memunatu Kokonte is alleged to have stabbed her husband to death after a heated argument between the two.

Madam Memunatu , a native of the Gonja East District in the Northern Region of Ghana and believed to be in her forties had so far absconded with her son.

The incident occurred in Timboi in the Gonja East District of the Northern Region of Ghana on Friday the 10th of January 2003.

According to an eye witness account, Madam Memunatu and her husband Mr. Yussif Adam had issues with regard to house – keeping money but things were normalize until one evening when Mr. Adam got back from work and demanded for food from his wife.

The accused who wasn’t pleased with her husband’s request answered him in the affirmative that there wasn’t any food for him since he did not left any housekeeping money for her, an answer which also got her late husband annoyed

A heated argument ensued once again between the two, the husband started beating her up indiscriminately and as a result she chanced upon a knife to stab him to death.

Prior to the death of the husband, eye witnesses within the vicinity revealed that there were allegations and counter allegations about infidelity between the two

With this, the husband could not take it easily and as such decided not to leave behind any upkeep for the wife and the little boy.   Madam Memuna had to struggle by helping people on their farms just to make an ends meet and feed the family.

Upon realizing that the husband was lying lifeless quickly she parked her few belongings and escaped with then 6 year old Yacub Yussif.

Few hours later the news spread through whole town and was reported to the police who led to the search for the where about of Madam Memunatu and the son.

The body of the deceased Mr. Adam Haruna is currently deposited at the morgue pending autopsy examinations.


Source: Kwame Noko

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