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Prudence Tetteh, a fishmonger at Akplabanya in the Ada West District of the Greater Accra Region risks losing her marriage for spending her husband’s money to take care of suspected COVID-19 persons who were kept in isolation.

The Ada West District Assembly led by the DCE, Adzoteye Laweh Akrofi on March 26, 2020 reached a verbal agreement with the woman in question to cater for the twelve fishermen who had arrived at Akplabanya from Tema and were isolated to determine their status for the corona virus Infectious disease, and present the expenditure to the assembly for reimbursement after the two weeks gestation period. The assembly for fear of incurring high hotel cost also asked the woman to provide accommodation for the twelve which include the usage of electricity and water and three square meal a day.

Prudence Tetteh used her own trading money and that of her husband to cater for the people who were later released after testing negative, as she presented the expenditure to the Assembly as agreed.

Close to three month now, the assembly has refused to reimburse the woman in spite of several calls at the premises to demand her money. Aside from her fishmongering business coming to a halt, her marriage is in turmoil and a the verge of disintegration.

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