We’ll Practice All Inclusive Government – Owura Ntim Agyarko Hints

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The Founder and leader of the People’s Liberation Front who doubles as the co-founder of the Grand Coalition Ghana, Owura Seth Ntim Agyarko has revealed that his party, People’s Liberation Front (PLF), will create an all inclusive government when voted to power in 2024 general elections.

According to him, PLF stands for self-reliance and equal opportunities for all that will leave no one behind.

Addressing the media on the vision and mission of the party via zoom yesterday, Owura Agyaako noted that, PLF believes in communalism – building one community at a time and simultaneously building a strong economically viable nation.

Touching on issues of corruption, Owura Seth Agyarko revealed that, corruption has become a deadly disease eating the marrow of the nation – causing it to suffer from economic, infrastructural, and unemployment deficiency amongst others.

PLF, he said, stands to eliminate and uproot corruption in Ghana that even the devil would be afraid to be corrupt.

“PLF want to make Ghana’s resources to benefit Ghanaians and not foreign and multinational corporations,” he added.

On the strength of making chiefs play major roles in our governance structure, he indicated that PLF will Abolish the 2 parallel power structures in the country and restore Chiefs in their traditional roles in the country.

Seeing the struggle of the youth in terms of job acquisition, Owura Ntim explained the PLF’s quest to resource the youth of Ghana and create 100000 youth millionaires who would create jobs to end unemployment in the country.

“PLF envision Ghana as a free and prosperous nation with equal opportunities for all –
a Ghana that everyone can practice any religion of their choice; a nation where law and order is paramount that whom you know would be a thing of the past”, he assured.

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