Vote For Me for Victory 2024 – Hajia Alijata

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Hajia Alijata Sulemana Gbentie has called on the constituency and tertiary institutions women organizers to massively vote for her as deputy national women organizer for her to bring on board her leadership experience for a secured victory in the 2024 general elections.

Speaking to the in an exclusive interview, she indicated that she lead by example. She said in many cases, she has climbed the ladder so she has experienced, a variety of roles before she decided to vye for the national deputy women organizer position.

According to her she is a grassroot person rising in a humble beginning as an Assembly Member through to the District Chief Executive and Member of Parliament. she has what it takes to organize people especially women with different backgrounds.

The astute woman politician revealed that she will is a great leader because she is able to balance professional and personal leadership skills. “It is easier to approach me with personal request, or a sensitive question. I care about people and their well-being, which include their performance at work and their work-life balance. I am more proactive in becoming mentor, and sometimes it’s already such an open and communicative relationship that the transition to mentor is easy”, she added.

Hajia Alijata Gbentie pointed out that naturally she encourages free thinking and if given the nod as deputy national women organizer she will continue with that quality. “Our emerging workforce is not interested in command-and-control leadership. They don’t want to do things because I said so; they want to do things because they want to do them”, she sounded.

The affable well experienced politician revealed that she always focused on team work. According to her throughout her political career and personal life she consistently demonstrated passion, enthusiasm and an immense capacity to serve and be served by others.

Hajia Gbentie added that she is motivated by challenges. She is creative problem solver motivated by obstacles. The desire to overcome a challenge fuels her to get things accomplished.

She indicate that one of the good leadership qualities she possessed is she always dream big. She is a great leader because she has an innate ability to dream big, challenge assumptions and inspires teams – and she knows how to translate big ideas into concrete action and results.

“I am a trained caretaker and knows how to deal with crisis situations with compassion and patience” she added.

Hajia Gbentie brought out her flexibility quality to bear According to her she is always a great leader in all the capacities she has served and one of the good leadership qualities she possessed that is keeping her moving is her flexibility.

She stated that she is flexible and agile. She revealed that she can see the direction she thought they should take if the organization isn’t working and she regroup and change course for the better without much deliberation.

She appealed to the NDC women organizers who are delegates in the upcoming national elections to vote massively for her to be one of the women leaders to ensure a secured, clean and calm victory in the 2024 general elections.

By: Idris Ibn Mohammed

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