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The Ewe tribes in Ghana throng the Macbrouk Park at Banana Inn in Accra on Saturday, November 28, 2020 to hold a Darbur in honor of late former President Jerry John Rawlings amidst dancing, drumming and magical display.

Osie Adza Tekpor VII, Paramount Chief of Avetime advised the Ewes in the diaspora to hold the NDC firmly as their choice like others in the other regions. Let no one intimidates and over come you with their inhumane tricks in this year’s elections, he ecountaged.

Togbi Tekpor VII further urged the Voltarians across the country to remain calm and steadfast in their quest to vote for the NDC to return to power for Ghana to be brought back on truck to continue with the sectorial development John Mahama started.

The darbur was graced by lots of dignitaries and Ewes from all walks of life including people who are not Ewes but came to see wonders for themselves.

The dignitaries include Ambassador Sikpoitor (Stool father) Daniel Abudakpi, Madam Dzifa Attivor, former Minister of Transportation and the Awadada of Anlo State who justified why the late Papa J, as Rawlings is affectionately called should be honored and celebrated in a grand style.

Madam Aku Attivor, National Coordinator of Volta Caucus in Diaspora told Nationaltymes.com in an interview that the darbur was to also mobilise Voltarians outside Volta Region.

The darbur held in Accra was organised by the branch of the Greater Accra Regional Volta Caucus in honour of Papa J, whose chairperson is Lydia Angel Nutakor aka Double, Double.

Madam Attivor said they are prepared to attend similar programmes Ewes in other regions will organise because it comes with lots of benefits like Keepers of one another. She was quick to add that the Accra darbur was also to create awareness for the tribes men and women within the region.

The darbur re-echoed that the former President Rawlings sacrificed a lot for this country including campaign against corruption through the infamous Probity and Accountability as first President of the fourth Republic.

Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings’ regime deepens Ghana’s democracy by relinquishing power peacefully to show a mark of a selfless leader which is worth celebrating.

In an interview with some of the participants, they indicated they were there to celebrate and honour Rawlings, ” J. J. is hero, he laid his life for this country which we are all enjoying today. So it proper we converge here today to celebrate him, they happily told our Reporter.

There was rich display of the Ewe culture which was manifested in the adornment of variety of kente by the chiefs and the people, drumming and dancing of Agbadza and Borborbor to the admiration of everyone who patronised the darbur.

The ceremony also witnessed the display of Zagbetor magical display where powerful fetish priests conjure the appearance and disappearance of wild animals including alligator and the walking leave woven- summer-hats which became center of attraction of the event.

Whilst some people courageously drew closer to have a proper glimpse at the magical display, others including some police officers were seen running away to take cover.

Another interesting part of the occasion was the preparation of variety of delicious Ewe delicacy by different Ewe groups this delicacy including “akple and Borbi tadzi, dzin kple amongst others”, ademe special among others and served hundreds of people who patronised the celebration.

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