Uncles Chase Exposed Gay Nephew Away

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A gay Practitioner, one, Kpani Addy has fled Ghana to avoid a backlash with his uncles who have vowed to punish him for engaging into homosexuality. 

According to our source, Kpani fled Ghana because he feared his life was in danger as he was leaked with a plot by his uncles to eliminate him for engaging into gay practice. 

Gay practice is regarded as satanic and alien into the African family system which is seen as abomination and a total disgrace  not only to the persons involved but their families, communities and religious affilations at large. 

To this end, Kpani Addy’s paternal uncles were of the firm conviction that their nephew who is the only child to their late brother, has dragged the name of their family into the mud and therefore deserves to be punished severely. 

The family agreed during a meeting that Kpani must be killed to apease the family gods and to also serve as deterrent to other family members that  they don’t countenance  gay practice . 

The runaway Kpani Addy’s secret gay practice was exposed when he was caught by someone who is known to the Addy family. The person in turn informed Kpani’s uncles who also conducted a secret investigation on Kpani’s practice as a gay. 

It was after the family had conducted its own investigations that they agreed that Kpani their nephew must be killed to serve as punishment on him (Kpani) and to deter other members of the family into engaging in homosexuality in the future. 

Kpani was fortunate to had been informed by someone closer to the family of the secret plot to end his life. 

According one person who also spoke to this reporter on condition of anonymity said it is true Kpani has been a gay Practitioner for sometime. 

The anonymous speaker, who also sells on the street with Kpani, added that Kpani himself confided in him and told him that he was a gay and that it was another colleague who introduced him into homosexuality. 

“I started suspecting Kpani’s actions and movements for sometime , so I confronted him and that is when he revealed to me of his secret gay practice”the anonymous speaker said. 
He was however tight-lipped on the present whereabouts of Kpani Addy. 
As at the time of going to the press, Kpani had fled the community and no one including his aged mother and close friends knew his whereabouts. 

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